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    Gp2x Pcb

    just received this PCB and its bricked, pretty pissed off since it wasnt mentioned anywhere, i assume it was bricked whilst flashing firmware and thats how the screen got broken in the tantrum that followed... :rolleyes:
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    Topic Search Has Stopped Working ?

    i havent been able to get the topic search to work for quite a while, when i type in something it says i must wait 20 seconds regardless of if i have done a search before or not, its quite annoying not being able to search internally as google doesnt bring up the articles im after :(
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    Gp2x For Sale

    it is very hard to find an lcd without getting one from another gp2x, i was interested as i want one for parts anyway, but 50 dollars shipping is too steep (it says 7 dollars on the usps site for fight class international)
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    Which Card Are U Planning On Buying

    i recently bought a 3870 with a passive cooler, that runs every game i play on full settings and its totally silent, i wont be upgrading unless another passively cooled card comes out (a 4870 maybe).
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    Gp3x Pic? At Least Zodtdd Thinks So

    anyone got a copy of the image ? or and pm it me if you dont wanna post it on here, i would be gratefull : ) personally i dont see a problem with posting it online its not like they can stop it once its in the wild. Edit : nevermind...
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    Best Psx Games

    syndicate wars is one of my favourite ps1 games, its similar to the pc version. i spent a lot of time playing it.
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    What's Happened To

    yeah it says it on the forum name as well, i posted about this here over a year ago > the heading on the marketplace forum has it listed as well "Want to sell or buy something related to GP32 / GPX2 / XGP (boxed games, rf units consoles etc.)...
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    Need A Gp2x Cap

    ive got a few caps for sale, i have them listed here >;#entry628491
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    Wtb: Joystick Cap

    got one listed here. if you're interested in more than 1 message me and we can come to some sort of arrangement.
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    Wtb: Joystick Cap

    ive got a few joystick caps knocking around, il ebay them in a few days if anyone is interested.
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    How To Download Files From A Personal Website

    id upload the songs to youtube and embed them on the page, i know thats not downloadable but it is a nice way to showcase them, and its also free hosting.
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    Good Program For Ripping Dvds

    yes its great.
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    Uk Passports

    i had a similar deal with my drivers license, was told there was a 2 week backlog and it came in 3 days, shame my SIA badge is taking ages to come (months).
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    Good Program For Ripping Dvds

    i use dvd decrypter and dvd shrink, i find dvd decrypter better at ripping different regions dvds without fuss and it can burn, whilst dvd shrink is better at removing unwanted stuff from the disk (menus) its a much nicer GUI, autogk is also excellent at making Xvid's. dvd shrink is here >...
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    Neo Geo Pocket Color Help

    the back cover is a pain to get off, i find putting a lot of pressure on is better than turning it hard so it does actually turn, the battery inside mine is a toshibia lithium button cell : CR2032 (3volt) incase you wanted to buy one
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    What Music Is Everyone Into?

    i like lots of music, mostly classic rock. my tastes seem to change a lot though and i end up dumping a lot of music im bored with off my playlist. heres a link to my current playlist >
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    Thanks Alyinsanfran: Improve Your Mk2 Control Now

    it seems the shaft touches the inside of the gp2x stopping it from being as responsive. its like you can only hit 70% of the direction, then when its shaved it does 90-100%
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    Unusually Easy F100 Mk2 Joystick Mod.

    i believe he meant post an image of the gp2x with the new modded joystick cap on :)
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    Bricked Gp2x Black Mk1 Overclocks To 185~

    how far does it overclock ? 185 is under the standard clockspeed, the chip is meant to do 240mhz and they are all underclocked to 200mhz afaik. did you mean 285mhz ?
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    Xbox 360 Portable = Gp2x

    if you look carefully you can see that the gp2x logo on the console has been removed with a blur effect like they use to hide peoples faces....