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  1. Inimuk

    Pocket projectors: PIQO and Philips PicoPix Max

    Perhaps it would have a good use inside one of those old 65"+ RPTV boxes. Just replace the old heavy projection system, keep the mirrors and fresnel lens. It'd be brighter projecting through a reflective surface than bouncing off a wall (or bed sheet in the case of those that camp outside)
  2. Inimuk

    Unofficial Pyra/Pandora Telegram Group

    Yes, this channel still exists! We are seeing more active content in Telegram before the forums. Feel free to join in!
  3. Inimuk

    Windows 10 is getting so bad that Windows 10 is incompatible with itself! No but seriously yeah I've had better performance running things though WINE than on Windows (even 7/XP).
  4. Inimuk

    Weekly Pyra Preorder Stats

    What's interesting is that as many people whom were on the forums initially saying that "2GB is more than enough" ad-nausea, only 9 people out of 1119 ordered 2GB units. Edit: Whoops, misread :confused:
  5. Inimuk

    (Bad)Joke Appreciation Corner

    Opaque published its transparency report.
  6. Inimuk

    (Bad)Joke Appreciation Corner

    What sound do nuts make when they sneeze?
  7. Inimuk

    Manjaro vs Antergos; or just Arch Questions

    I know that some folks might favour a native shell (terminal?) installer over a distro installer. However, in my specific use case, I'd rather have a live USB image, installer with program/feature options OOB, set and forget it (and of course, maintain it once in a while). I have no problems...
  8. Inimuk


    I thought the new emergency number was 0118 999 881 999 119 725 3 Kidding aside I'm unaware that it does (it is being advertised as a data modem not a phone right?) and likely shouldn't have to in its case. Are there certain Pyras being sold without a cell radio?
  9. Inimuk

    Desktop with 200W of _passive_ heat dissipation

    Shoot accidentally deleted my post rather than editing. I'll try to rewrite what I wrote :oops: Such laptops do exist, though they are "2-in-1/ultraportable", can do some light gaming on them. Where I live, what would have been the top-end of these devices from 2 years ago sell for dirt cheap...
  10. Inimuk

    I need to make a voice changer...

    Basically everything everybody above me said is all I can think of personally, otherwise you could get it done professionally or give my friend a shout. He's in the business of arduino and LED things, and what you want to accomplish here is what he specializes in. He can help out on a more...
  11. Inimuk

    iPhone X - $999

    > People may complain about iPhone X being $1K, but a lot of top Android phones now are also too expensive. At least one can buy the latter for a lot less after a few months (not so with the idevices) Might be partly due to collusion/price fixing of DRAM. Related food for thought: Your...
  12. Inimuk

    Unofficial Pyra/Pandora Telegram Group

    The original invite link was private (thought it was public) so now the group is searchable on Telegram. The new invite link is: which has been added to the OP of this thread. You do not need to do anything if you are already in channel, of course.
  13. Inimuk

    Port Requests

    Caustic 3.2 ___________ No source, but there is a port request/petition for the Pyra right on their forum (link for relevance). The developer is active on his own forum so perhaps if more folks voiced opinion over there he could be swayed a little bit to port once the Pyra is released. It'd...
  14. Inimuk

    Unofficial Pyra/Pandora Telegram Group

    A lot of folk might still be on IRC, but it looks like the Pidgin chat client supports a Telegram plugin also so you don't need yet another app running in the background (no help if you're on mobile).
  15. Inimuk

    The Keyboard Thread

    I bought a fancy LED macro enabled keyboard --- even uses some fancy billboard display chipset inside it for animations and whatnot. Hate it. Turns out I'm sensitive to LED strobe and this keyboard's distracting. Rather have a dim light You'll see the difference those home beacons make while...
  16. Inimuk

    Windows 10

    Why upgrade Win10 to Enterprise to turn the crap off -- when you can do so for free? ShutUp10 is pretty good. My poor 2-core tablet is noticeably faster with "recommended" settings checked off.
  17. Inimuk

    Electronic Arts

    First there was online dating. Then there was catfishing. Then came along videogame developers. They too, learned how to catfish.
  18. Inimuk

    Unofficial Pyra/Pandora Telegram Group

    TL;DR --> Join here: Decided to create a group since I couldn't see one using Telegram search function. Posting in Off topic because this is not a official forum channel. Also looking for channel mods. Cheers! Oops, silly. Created an announcement channel instead...