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    Pda Decisions!

    Hey thanks guys! I wouldnt mind Palm. DO CF WiFi Cards work withpalms aswell because that's important to me! I'll check out the TUnstens and the ASus Edit : I Love the Tungsten 3 and may get it refurbished!!
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    Pda Decisions!

    Gaming isnt essential. It's nice to have it howeve it does boost the price...I probably want a Windows mobile platform but hey I'm no expert on PDAs
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    Pda Decisions!

    Hello There! I need some opinions on what to get for a PDA! I need one no matter what but which one to get is a tough choice! Originally i was thinking a HP IPAQ 1940 : - Or the DEll Axim X5/3 : Cant be stuffed to link :P but then...
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    Oh god no. Mashmods used to be great but now they've slipped.
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    Satisfied With GP32?

    Ilove my GP32 100%..considering i play most games from NES down..i'm never dissapointed by speed issues :P Why would you hate Bon Jovi..he's awesome i was listening to him while taking a crap just before posting this... gp32_console + Bon Jovi MP3 = Bliss
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    Dessert Island Gp32 Games

    Finty do you mean kazaa? :P I'd take a woman onto that island...cos then i'd get alll the cmopany, fun and excitement i need.
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    Back From The Grave

    I definitley remember you. WE spoke on msn alot.. you're a great guy
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    GP32 Rpgs On Gp32

    ilove Squaregames lol, just i get tired with games that have it so you press A and thena menu with CHECK : TALK : ITEM : EQUIP : ETC cos it slows downthe game IMHO opinion thats why i love e the SNES FF games... Eni are also a greatRPG company and i think the Square and Enix partnership is an...
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    Anybody To Finish Opensnes ?

    Yoyo is trying to negotiatewith tapwave to release his Little JohnZodiac so he's a bit busy. However he 's working on ARMemulation for the Snes emu whih should imrpove the quality of gameplay significantly...
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    hey there this sofware is sweet.. im going on holiday on thursday to spain and was soiling myself about the curreny ccos they have the euro and i use the GBP.. just in time too..btw this might sound lame but being someone with iraqi releatives i'd really appreciate if you could add some...
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    To Buy, Or Not To Buy?

    About the Zodiac, I admit its more powerful but the only reason the Snes emualtio is better is the ARM EMulation has bee release, and GP32 is yet to have hat with its Snes. Also because Zodiac has an OS, developers can't access the hardware as freely as the GPAdvance develepors are using the...
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    Comic Book Viewer

    Yea theres a software Called Cdisplay give it a search,,its freeware so you could ask for the code...i'd love to see .CBZ file formats.ocs then i could read all my garfields, thundercats and crap!!
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    What Are You Playing?

    I'm playing Shatterhand on LJGP which is highly underrated i recommend you all give it a's by Jaleco so its gonna be also playing Shaow ninja and street gang on LJGP.. Nes Galore this time for me
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    Aqua Firmware 5

    nahh some PHotoshop effects..i iwsh it was real..and i prefer mr spivs cos i only want wind-ups to make themed desktops.. i got the old donkey kong for the arcade level as a background and put character icons moving up it so it loks good lol..gonna try and take a screenie of it somehow
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    Aqua Firmware 5

    ima gonna try a reflash cos i miss Mr Spivs MultiFW i fixed the problem!!
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    Aqua Firmware 5

    man what a time to leave it at home.
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    Aqua Firmware 5

    lol i dont understand the readme to well...cos...i sorta dont know what stage im on :P
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    Aqua Firmware 5

    lol i read the readme but it just loads the file manager which restes the GP32..i think its booting to the Euro Firmware instantly?
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    Aqua Firmware 5

    HAd a little rtouble after starts with th e intro then it comes to this meu with PLay and PCLINK and then it has an option to choose filemanager or GXB/BIN wasnt what i thought it was gonna do i go to the boot selector menu cos it restarts when i choose...
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    Space Hulk

    Well Said gummy bear This would be great.. :( My space hulk got messed up!!!