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  1. nickspoon

    The Rabbit Joint

    Because if it weren't that would be stupid.
  2. nickspoon

    [GP2X] [GP32] [etc] 10 Day Craptastic Coding Competition

    It was actually a Toffee Crisp and a twenty pence piece. Which never reached the winner. Indeed, if Anppa is still around I (on the Royal Mail's behalf) owe him 20p and a Toffee Crisp.
  3. nickspoon

    The Rabbit Joint

    You've got a hard act to follow!
  4. nickspoon

    The Rabbit Joint

    You may have luck with the development build of gtkpod, depending on your iPod Touch version. Also, there's apparently a way to manage it via SSH, although I've never looked into it.
  5. nickspoon

    The Rabbit Joint

    I have Sennheiser CX300s, and they're excellent.
  6. nickspoon

    What Rss Feeds Do We Subscribe To?

    Slashdot BBC News New Scientist The Register The Guardian Quotes of the Day The Onion Not Always Right Wordlustitude Reuters: Oddly Enough Tom Smith Josh Woodward xkcd Basic Instructions Dr. McNinja Wondermark Bunny What the Duck SMBC Ctrl+Alt+Del (Yeah, I know.) Slow Wave Mostly I...
  7. nickspoon

    Browsing At +1 ?

    It works if you hide posts below 10 points, but then you don't see any posts at all.
  8. nickspoon

    The Rabbit Joint

    -1 And I entirely agree. The ratings system is unnecessary and essentially meaningless anyway.
  9. nickspoon

    The Rabbit Joint

    And I was down-repping everyone manually? I feel so backward.
  10. nickspoon

    Palm Tungsten Owners?

    For reading on my Palm (Sony Clié TG50) I use Plucker. It works pretty well, and has the added bonus of a library of Gutenberg Project books which are already available in Plucker format. There are various X-to-Plucker converters, too, if you look. Plucker has a quite neat auto-scroll feature...
  11. nickspoon

    The Rabbit Joint

    Not me, I can assure you of that.
  12. nickspoon

    The Rabbit Joint

    What's with everyone giving + scores? I consider it my duty to mod down every post I see, including my own.
  13. nickspoon

    Is The Amount Of Dcgm's Interests Offesive?

    Christ, DCGM, would it hurt to get rid of at least some of your interests? I mean, you can still be interested them if you like, but you don't need to tell us in every post you make. And people who are proud of their so-called "trolling" get on my tits so much I could sue for sexual harassment...
  14. nickspoon

    The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

    Gotta love irish rebel folk The Wolfe Tones are awesome. Irish folk is pretty awesome in general, really.
  15. nickspoon

    E3....the Thread

    Scribblenauts <3
  16. nickspoon

    $19.99 Gps

    It's an NMEA-compatible receiver, which means it will most likely work pretty much out-of-the-box in recent kernels. I did a quick Google search to check, and yes, it does work, and it has for quite a long time.
  17. nickspoon

    No Posts About The New "psp Go" ?

    Knowing Sony, they won't provide a way for you to transfer your old UMD-based games to the UMDless model, and you'll have to buy them all over again.
  18. nickspoon

    The Rabbit Joint

    What skills does a jaguar have, anyway? And are those skills really what we want in a DJ?
  19. nickspoon

    European Elections

    The Greens are about more than being eco-friendly (although obviously that's one of their major policies). They're socialists, by and large, and they have the most socialist policies of any major party. Are they ready to govern? I couldn't say, but they couldn't do a much worse job than Labour have.