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    Command Line Gui For Newbies

    Or maybe you are just sensible. ;) The only reason I can think of to have a GUI for CLI commands is a device like the iPhone where it has no keyboard and it makes input easier. Anyone that thinks differently should open up a terminal window right now and type "rm -rf /", and if they don't...
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    Should I Be Worried?

    Using the email address on the openpandora website, I got a reply. They say they are now shipping 950 - 1250, so that ties in with your estimate. I'm in the 1600 area so I guess a few more weeks for me! Thanks for the reply btw.
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    Should I Be Worried?

    I don't suppose you know what number you were in the queue? I can't get a reply from them (might go try another email address from the one I got the order back from).
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    Release Gnuboy Released

    Oooh, does it play the speech properly on Pokemon Yellow? After the intro music it should say Pikachu, in the same sort of clarity that the old Spectrum 48k could manage Ghostbusters!
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    Tell Us Non-Amiga Guys What The Best Of Amiga Are :)

    North and South (shocked nobody had mentioned that yet)
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    Ok I Tried The Whole Separate Appdata Dir Thing

    What I don't get about this whole conversation, is Windows has been doing pretty much the same method of appdata storage since Windows 2000, and anyone who remembers how bloody awful things were before that when instead of a \Users (formerly \Documents and Settings) directory, we had some apps...
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    Ok I Tried The Whole Separate Appdata Dir Thing

    Damn this thread, really looking forward to porting stuff to this unit now, having not done much since the GP32. Really didn't like the GP2X as a platform, with its half arsed Linux port, but the Pandora is whetting my appetite again. When I asked in November I was in the "approximate queue...
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    Ok I Tried The Whole Separate Appdata Dir Thing

    Zip files with text docs in them? It's 2010!!!!! Everything has to be XML now. It's the law. But on a more serious note, you'd have to be a pretty terrible coder to not handle or understand this PND thing. GUI to edit the XML? lol?
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    Ok I Tried The Whole Separate Appdata Dir Thing

    I think it's important to keep application data and configs separate, for a number of reasons. Firstly it means you can back up all your data without having to backup the usually much larger programs themselves. Secondly, if you need to upgrade or downgrade a program, it can be done easily by...
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    Q: Warranty At 800Mhz?

    Can I just say, this thread delivers. The time I've spent waiting for my Pandora has been long, but threads like this, and "will the Pandora work with my USB hamster?" have really kept me entertained!
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    Lemmingssdl (Networked)

    Lemmings for the Nintendo DS, complete with source you say?
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    Want To Build A Retro Review Corner

    That's just the sort of blog I'd like to have on my site, actually. If you ever fancied moving it. :)
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    Want To Build A Retro Review Corner

    Apologies for the wrong forum, seemed the most logical to me at the time! (As a Pandora pre-orderer, I do hope to develop for this as I've not done any stuff since the GP32, had and enjoyed my Gp2X but never really did much dev on it). If you'd fancy doing that, would be great Skeezix! Anyone...
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    Want To Build A Retro Review Corner

    I run a review site, which usually just focuses on DVDs, but I'd really like to add some retro content, specifically classic games for the old 8 bit computers (and maybe consoles). Just the good games, as a way of knowing what people should be acquiring for their emulators when Pandora comes...
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    Game Of The Week - Swiv!

    Also great on the Amiga!
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    Should We Move? - Forum Transfer Discussion

    All I have to say on this subject, having developed for the GP32, never quite getting any dev going on the GP2x, but really looking forward to the Pandora... MY SPECTRUM IS BETTER THAN YOUR C64!
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    Pandora Sync For Hacked Iphones!

    Erm, I have an iPod and an iPhone, both play my mp3s just fine. ;) Oh and there are also third party apps so you don't have to use iTunes if you don't want to.
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    Lemonboy2x Emu

    Not looked at the source and have no idea what SDL supports, plus I have no idea how practical this is (ie. how much speed it'll eat up), but it might be you could add two more options for resizing the video to full screen. One would be a simple resample with a bilinear filter, whilst the other...
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    Lemonboy2x Emu

    Nice work Juanvvc! Gnuboy2x was good but still not perfect. This has a lot of promise. :) Is the source going to be made available so others can contribute? Obviously noticed the pauses (wondering if this is when it emulates memory access) which slow things down and others have mentioned. Also...
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    Vice 1.20 Out

    Anyone else tried Wizball with Vice? It seems to pause every half a second, uping clock rate to 250Mhz makes it marginally less worse. :/