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    Games For Dosbox - What Games Do You Want?

    Wizardry 6 ?
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    Yaffs Better Than Cramfs

    @theoddbot: Just got back from vacation, and so much changes. GREAT work on the custom bootloader. The original poster was close, but as you mentioned YAFFS is not under development anymore. On the other hand YAFFS2 is. Page is HERE, amongst other pages. It is also journalled, with the option...
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    Davec's Improved Firmware

    LOL files anyone?
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    Gp2x Bootchart

    Is this added to the linux portion of the boot process or to U-Boot? If it's added to linux, then that is 16 seconds starting after U-Boot does it's thing with the filesystem etc. Or did you time it with stopwatch?
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    Clonekeen2x V1.0 Released

    @Mudi: did you release version 1.1 or did someone tweak your code? Check this link at DCEmu (must be registered for the download) Thanks for the memories . . . :)
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    Initial Load And Splash Screens

    Our own splash screens - - - yup Animated - - - pie in the sky, must be bitmap, run-length encoded, maximum 225 colors. Initial frame buffer is 256 color only, could be improved with dithering Wasn't that three letter word proscribed by the prophet Anna? :D Any one out there know why...
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    Initial Load And Splash Screens

    Here is a previous thread on that subject, awaits the release of the source code - - ooops the forbidden holy phrase :)
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    Help With Scripts

    In both your example scripts for squidgeSNES, you aren't actually changing to the the directory that the executable resides in. It appears squidgeSNES uses relative paths to resource files & can't find them when running from your script. Try this: #!/bin/sh cd /mnt/sd/{SquidgeSNES directory...
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    GP2X Mighty Mini Bug Blaster

    Are you using floating point?
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    Yeti3d Engine Mystery - Reward Offered

    Edit: Deleted
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    New Firmware 1.3

    You're giving them a little too much credit . . . :D
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    Yeti3d Engine Mystery - Reward Offered

    Craigix , try PM'ing AlienKinetics on this board. . .
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    Yeti3d Engine Mystery - Reward Offered

    Edit: Deleted
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    Gp2psx V0.34

    Is any else getting an error with 0.34c about memory cards not found? FFV VI & Chrono trigger all boot OK (read slowly) then hang on memory card for about 3 minutes, then ask if I want to continue anyways. 0.33 worked. Thanks
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    So, Say Gph Released A Sequel...

    Have two desktops running debian and Linux from scratch, both have ATI, and both work just as well as NVidia. OpenGL looks great, Dual monitor support and TV out . . . Just need to configure xorg/XFree86 properly and compile a kernel for ATI's binary driver. Back on topic, *Instant On* :D...
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    Choose Your Mod :)

    DaveC - he's very openminded :D
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    Help Identifying Mystery Header/library

    They are in the same archive downloaded from ED's site for NK's emulator sources, the link is Here. The download contains NES source, SNES source, NeoGeoCD source and libunicodefont source.
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    Help Identifying Mystery Header/library

    It seems to be from libunicodefont. and the source for that is downloadable at, along with NK's source for his Emus. Hope that helps :)
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    How E-book?

    Don't feel bad, so does GPH's EBookViewer . . . :) I believe it crashes at the 1.4 MB mark.
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    How E-book?

    Definitely interested. What filesize limitations does it have, and is it text only?