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    GP32 Dosbox?

    There is also a major problem : DosBox is slow as hell even on decent hardware. I cannot even run Gabriel Knight 1 on my Athlon 1.4 GHz loaded with ram (768 MB). It is just too slow.
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    Atari Vcs 2600 Emulators?

    Both are bad. As far as I can remember: bad emulation, bad compatibility.
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    Xgp First Picture??

    It seems to me that it's only an unfinished, unpolished prototype or just a fake. Just look at the positions of the start and select buttons, the power led, that makes them useless and unusable.
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    Gplink And Mounting Gp32 Under Linux

    FYI in my gentoo, that's /dev/sda1. In fact, when you plug you GP32 or any random USB key, the happy penguin uses SCSI emulation to turn it into a easily usable pseudo-hard drive. So you have basically to find where the emulated drive is and to mount its first partition.
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    Fast Gp32

    Nah, DS is not a portable N64 at all. It's less that third a n64 resolution, textures are not filtered. Mario 64 DS graphic engine is surely a total rewrite of the N64 one. BTW cell shading does not need any special 3D hardware, it's only specific to the 3d engine. Any old hardware can do that.
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    How Usefull Is Undocumented Sourcecode?

    An undocumented project is totally useless. You got the point. The only solution would be to reverse engineer the code to point out what it does, but writing code from scratch is faster. I think he must document his project, not only his code. Comments are not enough. These are not the only way...
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    Metal Gear Nes

    Just dodge them :rolleyes:
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    Tapper ???

    Oh yeah, that's just plain fun. I used to play it on mame with my joystick to simulate the tapping movement :P
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    If The Driver Was Open Source ....

    And a USB power source, GP32 is a USB slave device.
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    Using Clrmame Pro

    Well, you should perhaps begin with romcenter. It's quite buggy (no risk of rom corruption) but the UI is far easier to use. When you'll get used to romcenter, you'll surely understand better all the options that clrmame offers. BTW, the last version of romcenter is compatible with clrmame dats.
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    Atari 2600

    Do this emulator support zipped files?
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    Fed Up With The Gp32

    What emulator are you talikng about? some emulators, like fgb32, have notorious problems with saves.
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    Gp32linux In The News !!!!

    Oh, Chemnitz. The author of Yamp has been studying there. Yamp is an old and free mp3 player which was great. I was using it, before Winamp became free. But nowadays its website is kinda dead. :(
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    Kernel 2.6

    Sorry, I was just confused about that topic. I've been partying too much the previous days XD
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    Kernel 2.6

    I didn't "ported it". 2.6.10 just has USB mass storage devices drivers that are compatible with our beloved GP32 when enabled at compilation time. I'm no kernel wizard ;)
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    Linux Now Detects Gpdrive As A Usb Key!

    If you have no SCSI peripherals you should create a /mnt/usb directory then put that in /etc/fstab /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb vfat noauto,gid=85,rw,umask=007,fmask=007,dmask=007,users 0 0 The gid parameter in the line should be set to the number of the "usb" group or any...
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    Linux Now Detects Gpdrive As A Usb Key!

    As many Linux users surely know, there have been issues for a long time with GPdrive and Linux OS. But I recently discovered, that with the 2.6.10 kernel and all USB mass storage drivers enabled at compilation time, it just works!
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    A Noobie Needs A Gp32 Standard Cable Please Help!!

    AFAIK there are many Digital Cameras which have exactly the same cable. It should not be so hard to find :)
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    Gp32 Ii

    How about GP32 emulation ? :P
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    Dos Emulator

    This has been dealt with thousand times. Please use the search function of the forum...