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  1. J

    Nds R4 Usage

    hmm so you need even more hardware to do it. I don't think I'm bothered enough about GBA stuff to do that- all the decent GBA homebrew is also available on the NDS except better, it'd just be for commercial roms I'd see needing that which is well...naughty. Will check the firmware tonight, now...
  2. J

    Nds R4 Usage

    Largely on advice here I bought this and its working...OK. A lot of homebrew seems to be working but a lot isn't. I think this is a case by case thing to handle it though which is a bitch. However for GBA stuff- I can run nothing. Does anyone know: how do you run GBA things on a R4?
  3. J

    Just Bought A Ds Lite!

    Just noticed its across 2 different threads here, been looking at the other one wondering where the hell my post went :lol: The above seems a little too easy...That really is all you need to do and its GP32 easy to get stuff running? I was certain homebrew players for the NDS cost £70...but...
  4. J

    Ds Homebrew...

    So where did any British members with this stuff get it?
  5. J

    Ds Homebrew...

    hmm...will have to find somewhere cheap nad British that sells them too. These things are legal though right? Obviously roms aren't but the hardware itself for homebrew purposes?
  6. J

    I'm After A Nds

    Can anyone recommend somewhere to get it? All I can think of is high street shops but I know there should be better online. Haven't bought any games from British online shops ever though idea where to start.
  7. J

    Just Bought A Ds Lite!

    Is this stuff on the DS much kop? I've heard you have to flash your firmware and all that which really isn't good...For one you can't play online even if don't brick it if you do do that.
  8. J

    What Do Do With Old Desktop Pc?

    Your nuts man, replacing a PC that good?
  9. J

    The Most Horrible Games Of All Time!

    This is a impossible; question really. I mean worst games of all time...I could go and and knock up some horrible, crappy game in 5 minutes. But then you have people saying tomb raider is truly the worst... hmm... I think most over rated is a more accurate question really. But...
  10. J

    Link Up

    breakout box? What is this? Someone has made a power pack?
  11. J

    Link Up

    Not sure if this has been covered before (probally has) though its just something that came up when I was talking to a friend yesterday and mentioned I was finally considering getting a GP2X. I commented about its neo geo emulation to which he replied 'great!...but whats the point of metal slug...
  12. J

    The Ds Scene

    Does anyone have any idea about what the DS scene is like? I'm htinking of getting one and if it has some decent homebrew stuff (mainly thinking of emulators) it would really seal the deal for me. I don't think I like the GP2X too much at all, all this stuff about the control stick...Has me ill...
  13. J

    Fgb Saving

    FF adventure is saving the conventional way. Legend did for a while before they vanished. On legend though even my save states vanished.
  14. J

    How Many Megahertz Can You Reach...

    166, had no idea there was higher.
  15. J

    Gp32 Shell Color Variants

    I remember seeing something where a bloke managed to give his a tie-dye look via DIY methods.
  16. J

    So I Never Did Get A Answer Last Time

    What happened to the wonderswan emulator? Is someone still working on it or what?
  17. J

    Fgb Saving

    What determines whether FGB saves things permanently or not? My FF Adventure saves are remaining pretty stable and existing however my FF Legend saves just vanished without a trace not so long ago and Tetris...I can never get that to store them.
  18. J

    Whatever Happened To...

    My thread, I posted asking after the wonderswan emulator a day or two ago and come on today and..nothing.
  19. J

    Sega Master System

    The master system was much bigger the the NES in Europe. In Europe the NES was virtually a unknown, didn't come out until really late and spent most of its life here trying to compete with the mega drive. Sonc master system games are the same as the game gear ones. Totally different to the mega...
  20. J

    Ds To Get A Redesign

    Doubt they'd change the screen size.. It is a rather ugly console though. Just like a beefed up GBA SP.