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    How Convert Movies With Fullscreen

    cool...didn't even think 2 try this.
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    How Convert Movies With Fullscreen

    cheer's dozer...lost the link to this site a while back and was lookin' 4 it the other day....nice 1!!!
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    Secret Emu Project Part Ii

    i hope it emulate's women...then we can all have sex with our gp32's!!!
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    Picodrive On N-gage

    i tryied to get sensi soccer and slapfight to work on it....they get to the same place as fgen and gigadrive...and then crash. yet sonic 3 work's on both my gp32 and nokia 6600. bollox ah!!!
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    Some Bor Mod Problems!!

    did u get your bor mods from gp32spain... i think these are modded to work on the gp32...i think!!!
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    Would Anyone Like To See This?

    no seeder's on your site sam...come on sort it out!!!
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    The On-going Flu/blu Saga

    so you don't play your's at all...sam.
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    What Would You Like To See In Gpweb 0.2

    i have one of those!!! EDIT...F$%* me...i'm using it!!!
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    What Would You Like To See In Gpweb 0.2

    then...what's the point?
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    Send Me Your Links

    me too....sorry.
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    Xmen Mod, Where Can I Find?

    try gp32spain...they have a few mod's
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    Gpcinema Site?

    shhh....i think that's frowned apone.
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    Do These Emulaated Games Work Ok? check these's in spanish...but you get the drift!!!
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    Can't Get Gpadv 1.44 + 45 To Work

    what big thread?...and if it was about gp advance support.... why wasn't it in the gp advance support the one i posted this topic in... cheer's for your help though... :D
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    Can't Get Gpadv 1.44 + 45 To Work

    has anyone got gpadv 1.44 or 1.45 to work... 1.44 display's a white screen when you go to load a rom... 1.45 won't even start.
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    News About Gbax's 180mhz Gp32s And 32mb Ram Mods

    i remember the "snes,megadrive and gba" lie... not that i only bought it for these thing's...i was more intrested in avi's on the go and the mp3 i can understand why people are pissed off. i also don't think it's a good idea selling super speed gp32's... unless i get one...
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    Aquafish's Multifirmware V5

    hate to say the readme file CAREFULLY before flashing your gp32. that's the readme file...the clue's in the name.
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    Dead Pixels

    it is a shame.... oh sorry...i thought it said DEAD PIXIE'S.
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    Gpadvance Compatibility List

    do any other game's work using this method...or is it just this one?
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    Aquafish's Multi Firmware V5 !!

    when was the last time spiv updated his mulifirmware? :rolleyes: