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  1. Mjlink

    Gcw Zero Kickstarter

    #2 on the today:
  2. Mjlink

    Where Can I Buy The Zer0 ?

    You can buy it right now on Kickstarter:
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    Gcw Zero Kickstarter

    It's ALIVE, please spread the word on this device!
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    Gcw Zero Kickstarter

    ^ Agree
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    Gcw Zero Kickstarter

    ^ Those shipping dates are just for the setup of the Kickstarter.  I'm sure they'll be changed once it goes live.   They've posted the question over at Dingoonity as to when the community thinks it should go live.  I've given some feedback, it would be good to hear from others who have supported...
  6. Mjlink Store Update

    Hello everyone, As we come up on the two year anniversary of Pandoras appearing in the wild, and the one year anniversary of opening, I'd like to just give a quick update on the state of the shop. The stock of Tiny-BoBs and EXT Connectors is at a critical level, I ordered a...
  7. Mjlink

    Pandora Pricing And Battery

    Also every three units sold for the current price yield a 4th unit going to a preorder IIRC. So once we get past the Batch 1 & 2 preorders being fulfilled, we might see some change in price. That's just a guess on my end.
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    Open Pandora Reborn @ Global Components For anyone missing this on the other forum, enjoy, and give it a Like in YouTube if you do of course!
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    Special Edition Pandoras From & Evildragon Now $529

    So yes, I'm cross posting to see if anyone is interested in getting 1 of 3 limited edition Pandoras from the Pandora ReBirth in Germany. I'll be flying these back to the US on March 1st and shipping March 2nd. These units include a brand new, fresh off the assembly and testing line Open Pandora...
  10. Mjlink

    Lol - Banned From Openpandora Forums

    I'm helping ED with the preorders as a good number of those are coming to the US. ED will be handling the orders, I'm just putting orders together and sending them out from one large bulk order from Germany to individual shipments within the US.
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    Lol - Banned From Openpandora Forums

    As far as I know, just US.
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    Lol - Banned From Openpandora Forums

    I'll be bulk importing the Pandora's from Germany and then breaking down the orders individually to distribute within the US. This will save on shipping for US customers and also prevent any types of snags with US Customs /Homeland Security. I also plan on assisting with...
  13. Mjlink Catastrophic Database Failure

    We are all good now. is live once again.
  14. Mjlink Catastrophic Database Failure

    For anyone who was looking to take advantage of the Cyber Monday thru Chinese New Year Sale, currently going on, the site should be back up shortly. My hosting company's engineers are working to restore a catastrophic database failure. Orders are still shipping. Thanks for the support everyone!
  15. Mjlink

    Lol - Banned From Openpandora Forums

    :( I've brought this up on the other forum and have been critiqued for it, but it seems like if the RMA needs a new board, there are just none out there with a working wi-fi chip. So your six month wait for the RMA may mean an upgrade to 512MB RAM. I don't see Global Components reworking...
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    Premium Pandora For Sale

  17. Mjlink

    Where Can I Buy Pandora?

    I've got a used one for sale: It's also on my site: Edit: SOLD
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    $69 Icontrolpad In The Us Ready To Ship

    I have a few iControlPads of the Universal Clamp type ready to ship for $59 + shipping over at my shop: Take advantage of the other items on sale while your at it! Happy Solstice!
  19. Mjlink

    Icontrolpad Universal Clamps On Ebay

    Hope you can move these along. My initial reasoning for not stocking the ICP was the non-universal aspect of the design. The Universal clamps make more sense.
  20. Mjlink Cyber Monday Sale Thru Friday

    This sale has been extended through the 21st of December. Website should be back up and fully functional after some database issues last week. Regarding the Underwater Kinetics cases, I'll do those at 25% off and a free I-Ecko product of choice for every case purchased. Pelican product...