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    Order cancelled 2+ months ago. No refund.

    6 months now since I cancelled my order. Still no refund! Anybody wish to comment?
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    Order cancelled 2+ months ago. No refund.

    You can find my account of the same name of the old GP2X boards from years ago. Not a troll, just never posted on the newer boards before.
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    Order cancelled 2+ months ago. No refund.

    Ordered from Craig (Oct 2008). I have tried to resolve via email with J. Received apology but no explanation as to where my money is. I waited 4+ years patiently for my Pandora. Never moaned at all. Finally decided to cancel, and now I can't get my money back. I shouldn't have to scour this...
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    Order cancelled 2+ months ago. No refund.

    I cancelled my order two and a half months ago. Cancellation was confirmed. My refund (which I requested by bank transfer (details were provided)) has still not been paid. Is this fraud? Should I go to the police?
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    Usb Not Working?

    I guess it may depend if the camera has Mass Storage Mode or whatever it's called. ISTR that the D70 does and the D300 doesn't. If any has a Nikon D70 or D300 I'd love it if you could try. Thanks.
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    Usb Not Working?

    Anyone know if I'll be able to plug in a Nikon DSLR camera to email pics without a powered hub? Cheers.
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    Anybody Working On A Bbc Micro Emulator?

    As delivery of my Pandora gets ever closer, I was wondering if there was any progress on BeebEm? Cheers.
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    Anybody Working On A Bbc Micro Emulator?

    Thanks. That looks very nice. Hope it gets ported. In some ways it makes me wish the Pandora had 2 screens like the DS - so the bottom touch-sensitive screen could be used for accurate soft keyboards for whatever system is being emulated.
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    Anybody Working On A Bbc Micro Emulator?

    Title says it all. I'd love to see a decent one released. Thanks.
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    Transfers... Tranzfers..

    Can somebody explain how HSBC can take the AMEX money, not pass it on to Open Pandora nor refund it to the customers? This is theft plain and simple. I won't be happy if they are not sued over this. I'm still waiting to pay via CC. I'm not sure what the solution is.
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    Reordering Update

    I was going to suggest Cash on Delivery too. I'm sure some couriers will do this. Although I'd imagine they'll take a cut for providing the cash collection service.
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    Post Here When Your Refund Clears

    My refund appeared on my online statement today, but I nearly didn't spot it as it's listed way back on the 6th October. I would have thought it should show with the date the refund appeared in the account, rather than virtually the date of the original order. Shan't reorder until CC...
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    Re-order Emails Going Out Now

    I'm in the UK and placed my order just AFTER the order deadline closed. I got my refund email today, so I would guess they must be just about done with the UK refund emails.
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    Soft Top, Hard Shoulder

    The Pandora blog really ought to have the date and time articles are posted, like every other blog in the world does.
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    Fusb Flash Linker For Gba

    I know it's old technology now, but does anyone know where I can get a USB Flash Linker kit for my old Gamebody Advance? Preferably in the UK. Thx. Oops. Title should read USB not Fusb. Thx.
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    Your Most Wanted Ported Game On Pandora?

    Will gorilla.bas run in DOSBox?
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    Talking of colours.....I'd like mine to be in BBC Micro beige and brown and with the same rough texture if possible.
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    Using Pandora With My Phone As A Modem

    It'd be nice to be able to surf via mobile phone on the Pandora, but I'm not sure how we'll do it. With no Bluetooth, we're stuck with USB cable, but I doubt my phone will have drivers that can run on Pandora. Although there is a new utility for Windows Mobile 6 phones (such as my HTC Tytn)...