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    Picodrive 1.80

    thanks notaz, this is great, absolutely the best thing on the caanoo. rom selector menu certainly highlights the brighter lower half of the screen :-) cheers, simon
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    The Wiz Is Back In Production!

    i've had my wiz for over 2 years (pre-ordered it and got it when it first came out - time flies, got a shock when i checked my play asia order for caanoo to see my wiz had shipped in august 2008!!!) - she's never skipped a beat. cheers, simon
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    Cannoo Is Taking The World By Storm!

    i'm an aussie - got my caanoo today, will have a chance for a good play on weekend. impressed with overall build quality and look - very nice! cheers, simon
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    Who's Staying?

    +1 from me Nobody can dispute ED's integrity in all of this, he is indeed a pillar, and a post for that matter. Craig is a bit like the grumpy uncle at the family BBQ - sure, he can be a little terse at times, perhaps a bit insensitive and maybe even politically incorrect, but you just gotta...
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    Beta Uae4All Additions

    i'm with ED - horizontal only looks best - and indeed reminds me of my trusty 1084S, which i sadly through out recently as it died :( cheers, simon
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    just checked my play-asia account - says my caanoo shipped today :) cheers, simon
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    Pcsx4All Compatibility List

    i am happy to hook fanxis up with a beer or 3, but i don't think i can help out with the women - and sadly, i don't look that good in a dress :P cheers, simone
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    Pocketsnes V7.0

    i have noticed a very nice improvement (and my great thanks go to the author) - eg in contra, it is pretty much playable at 800 mhz with transperencies ON (for the smart bomb effect). cheers, simon
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    Pcsx4All Compatibility List

    Nooooo! Franxis stay on! PCSX4ALL is an amazing achievement, never thought I'd see the day wiz could achieve so much, and haven't been so excited and impressed since megadrive emulation hit the GP32. So a huge thank you from me anyways :) Cheers, Simon
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    [Poll: Firmware Request] Playstation 3 Usb Pad "nub Support"

    a big yes from me :-) for me, this will come into its own when the tv cable is available - bluetooth connection would be absolutely brilliant. i don't know whether 2 controllers will be able to connected wirelessly for 2 player gaming, but that would be the icing on an already spectaculor cake...
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    Caanoo Vs Pandora The Winner Is Caanoo

    big call :) i have a wiz, pandora , and will get a caanoo, so they all win so far as i am concerned. i expect caanoos killer app will be pcsx4all with its much maligned analog stick, time will tell i spose. cheers,simon
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    Beta Hotfix 4 Very First Beta

    yes, good point, it is probably unrelated, and just coincidence that it happened after hf4 and using bluetooth. i'll reflash her and all should be good, but i think i will wait until the official hf4 before reinstalling just to be safe :) cheers, simon
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    Beta Hotfix 4 Very First Beta

    and now the battery probs have resurfaced, and the nubs... i think i will reflash and go back for now. cheers, simom
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    Beta Hotfix 4 Very First Beta

    had a nub problem too - about a day after installing hotfix 4 and immediately after using bluetooth pan, battery meter read -120% (even though it was about half charged), nubs stopped working, and it was randomly rebooting. I reinstalled hotfix, which didn't help. Then I left the battery out...
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    Beta Hotfix 4 Very First Beta

    got bluetooth net working from my phone too, its great! to get it working, i recommend u do a google for how to activate bluetooth pan for ur phone. then it is just a matter of toggling bluetooth on on the pandora, having the pandora search, and adding the device using the wizard. otherwise...
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    Dave C`s Dpad

    got my one nubber couple of days ago, and i must say i am unbelievably impressed with it, it is a truly remarkable device - i could wax lyrical for ages about it, and no doubt will in the near future :-) but for this post, i am going to send kudos to dave c - the dpad is far and away the best...
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    Noob Problems - Help Please

    thx for the help gents, posting from my pandora now reflashing did the trick, although i got that recurring date select error, which i got around by leaving the battery out for a while cheers, simon
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    Noob Problems - Help Please

    thx guys, i'll reflash and make sure i have latest hotfix, and see how i go.... cheers, simon
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    Noob Problems - Help Please

    hello done some searching and can't find answers - i've got two probs: 1. on boot up, and just before it gets to the desktop, i get a box saying something like "could not look up internet for simon..." and it indicates there may be problems - what does this mean? how can i stop it? 2...
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    Opt Should Sell Op To Someone With Enough Financial Leverage

    the delays are frustrating for all involved, but i have to agree with craig - the customer service is outstanding. i've bought several things over the years from gbax, and have been very happy, and the clear sense i get from the boards is very much that craig's reputation for customer service is...