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    Gp2x Games For Sale

    Trooper, just bought these and they've worked pretty good so far:
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    Firmeware 2.1.0 Ready!

    My upgrade didn't work properly the first time I tried it, it skipped to running the .gpu - that worked and made me think the upgrade had been successful. The menu had been upgraded (and said 2.1) but the green skin said 2.0. I changed SD card and tried again and it worked fine. It hasn't...
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    Where To Buy? 225mhz Vs 275mhz

    I don't think that's how it works, if you pay the extra then you get one that has been tested at 175mhz, if you don't then you get pot-luck.
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    Aleph One Port

    Version 1.0 has been submitted to the archive, the Sourcecode has also been submitted. Thanks for all the fish
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    Football Manager V1.0 Released

    Ask and ye shall receive. Update is waiting to be submitted, removes the pointer and adds limited volume control (VOL UP/DOWN - but doesn't always work at the mo).
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    Hex-a-hop V1.1 Released

    I dunno, maybe someone would want to go back to a point before they'd successfully completed the mission *cough*. Yeah, ok - i'll fix that one then :)
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    Looks Like Firmware 2.1.0 Will Be Delayed Again

    So we're equating GPH with the Ministry of Truth :D
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    Hex-a-hop V1.0 Released

    Ok, i've just updated the file on v1.1 maps the undo button to the Y button and cleans a few bits up. I'm looking into adding sound in.
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    Hex-a-hop V1.0 Released

    A new version is due imminently (which, as everyone who has played my ports knows - means anytime before the apocolypse). Really the praise should go to Tom Beaumont who made the original, I did the relatively simple task of porting it.
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    Warning - Ebay Sandisk 4gb Fraud!

    I'm guessing it's for two reasons, 1) it catches people out if they don't pay attention, 2) I don't think the seller has to pay a percentage on the postage, so the overall charges are lower.
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    Aleph One Port

    I think you have to muck around with M1A1 to get it to work, there was something on the wiki if I remember rightly. tbh i've only ever tested it with the second one (naughty I know). As soon as DaveC stops finding bugs ( :) ) in the release version of IN2X i'll be back on this and get...
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    GP2X Methods Of Dev

    I use the USB networking and copy it across, then use telnet to debug it.
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    Look Over My Code Please?

    plus if your using paeryn's SDL libs you'll probably want to make a HWSURFACE rather than a SWSURFACE. screen = SDL_SetVideoMode (320, 240, 16, SDL_HWSURFACE); and you may want to look into the joys of double-buffering: screen = SDL_SetVideoMode (320, 240, 16, SDL_HWSURFACE|SDL_DOUBLEBUF);
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    Whatever Happened To Rlyeh?

    You've got to remember that this stuff is done in our spare time for free, if anything comes up from Real Life then we have to drop it. Plus a lot of us (i'm one of the worst) have the magpie effect built in, and we'll go to the next shiny bit of code at the drop of a hat :D That said, at...
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    Unofficial Cases For Gp2x

    I use this, unfortunately it looks like Game don't sell it anymore. It's a shame, the GP2X fits nicely, the SD cards fit in the game holders and 3 sets of batteries and a set of headphones fit in the back section.
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    Games Convention Coming Soon

    Hold on, that all looks hyper professional - what's going on here ;) It looks awesome ED, i'd like to echo what a few people have said and wonder if I can get a pen without attending :) As for boothbabes, well i'm an ugly fat male programmer - so I can wear a bikini and stand in front of the...
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    How Would You Explain The Gp2x?

    Just say the magic words: Free games - that's usually explanation enough
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    Looking For The Longest Lasting Batteries For Gp2x.

    I heard you were testing out some 3000's, any good?
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    Nice, I like it - much more colourful and 'solid' looking than the stock one. I'm looking forward to seeing it's progress.
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    Aleph One Port

    I've updated the file on the archive, this isn't the big update all it does is allow you to navigate the terminals (using B and A or L and R). I'm uploading it because it froze on me a couple of times when it was changing level. However, it seemed to only be when my GP2X was running out of...