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  1. euro48k

    Rot Season 1 Round 3 - Submit Scores Here - Deadline Mar 16 2011

    ok boys and girls .. TNZS is yours :) here's my last score ..and won't play again because my head will explode 162870 .. score screen available on FBI request :)
  2. euro48k

    Rot Season 1 Round 3 - Submit Scores Here - Deadline Mar 16 2011

    i'm in for TNZS arcade :) good luck everybody! B)
  3. euro48k

    Rot Season 1 Round 2 - Submit Scores Here - Deadline Feb 28 2011 (Last

    as for savestates :) 1 coin ..1 game :) that was my childhood based on :P
  4. euro48k

    Rot Season 1 Round 2 - Submit Scores Here - Deadline Feb 28 2011 (Last

    Parodius DA! dancing lady is sexy :) i'll return with more than 80.000 points :) goodluck! [s]163.700 164.100 201.700 237.600 - end of story - :) it ain't fun anymore ...killed by crazy bees and ugly devils drives me mad :angry:
  5. euro48k

    Unreal Speccy Portable

    tested on F100 ..a few demos, multicolor, but didn't have time for games SCL / TAP / TRD Boot .. everything was fine :) noticed everything is "perfectly emulated and slower but accurate" ... any CPU boost? how's that compared to Caanoo? try loading "1 bit attack" by mister beep ->...
  6. euro48k

    Unreal Speccy Portable

    any news for gp2x users? :) a port would be possible for gp2x?
  7. euro48k

    Taking Pre-Orders For Gemei A330

    "MKV | H.263 | H.264 + support video up to 1080P" i wonder who's behind these features...
  8. euro48k

    I Want To Make The D-Pad Mod For The Gp2X

    hey :) keep us informed :) my cap is broken and really don't know how to fix it won't buy another ..i really play with a hole in my finger and that kills the gameplay thought on modding or using a replacement for the broken cap good luck and waiting for your "know-how" :)
  9. euro48k

    Armin Gessert - Rip

    Armin Gessert .. CEO of Spellbound Entertainment AG (The Great Giana Sisters, Desperados, Airline Tycoon series) died from a heart attack sad news ..we all know RIP
  10. euro48k

    Help :)

    hello everybody :) not quite fair...but please help me :) just give me a vote and i`ll receive (probably) a little beast thanks in advance :) -> (the prize is only for romania based citizens)
  11. euro48k

    Gp2x Torrents

    let's hope the owner is ok and ain't busted or something bad .. roms are everywhere in this internet jungle but something made especially for gp2x users .. well ...RIP :(
  12. euro48k

    Gpsp V0.9-2xb-u6

    well ..with wiz,dingo and upcoming pandora it is very clear that this little device is dying in our hands :( i can't remember "highs&lows" on this little piece made in korea .. there were only "improvements" from excellent coders maybe we should thank everyone involved and probably hope that...
  13. euro48k

    Gpsp V0.9-2xb-u6

    kirby amazing mirror / spyro the eternal night / puyo pop / advance wars all tested @ 200mhz / scalled 3:2 software / automatic frame skip (value4) ..highly enjoyable .. few "stutterings" with advance wars (in menu) but very playable great work notaz!
  14. euro48k

    Michael Jackson Has Died Age 50

    R.i.p. Jacko
  15. euro48k

    Monkey Island Blowout

    add silicone implants and we're set :)
  16. euro48k

    Giana Sisters For Nintendo Ds it ain't the project that will be available for the GP2x i right?
  17. euro48k

    Finally We Are Open Again

    hello good looking :)
  18. euro48k

    Free Vektar

    bigthankyou :)
  19. euro48k

    Open2x Dr6 For F100 And F200

    "as soon as I get home" is the word :) thanks team open2x :wub: