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    Busted Sd Card 2 Slot On Pandora #3...

    I had this issue. After two weeks doing absolutely nothing, it just popped itself out and its been fine. I used the SD-mass transfer thingy to populate the affected SD card in the mean time. The argument running around my head as to whether I should RMA, just live with it, or wait for...
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    Where Do You Use Your Gadgets?

    I used mine yesterday. My wife was shopping so I sat down in a corner of the shop and just listened to some music and played a couple of games. I've got a meeting in London coming up. Pandora is going to be great for that trip.
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    Got Your Pandora? Tell Us Your Order Date!

    Got mine Thursday 13th of January. I ordered on the 30th of September 2008 from Craigs shop at 16:34 UTC. I was told that I was approximately 650-750 in the queue last October I think. I didn't receive a shipping email. The invoice shipped with the Pandora showed an old email address, even...
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    Wasted Time

    I know the feeling. I've spent too much time online in the past when I needed to be doing other things. It can draw you in and take over. On the other hand I did meet my wife online, so its not always wasted time. Take care.
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    Nooo Faulty Pandora... Only 4 Days Old...

    Thanks that sorted it!
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    Nooo Faulty Pandora... Only 4 Days Old...

    Got my Pandora last Friday. I've tried to play supertux on it. A dialogue comes up saying 600mhz is recommended, I say yes and it just freezes. So it looks like 500mhz only at the moment.
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    Twiddler 2.1

    Hi I have a Twiddler 2.1 chording keyboard ( it appears to work with the Pandora, through a hub. I've not got an adapter to see it it will run through the OTG port without the hub. I'm new to both the Twiddler and the Pandora so I've not done an extensive test yet. I hope...
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    "your Pandora Has Been Shipped"

    I got mine yesterday (approximately 650 - 750 in Craigs queue). Some small issues with the case, but nothing major. I've not had much to chance to use it yet, so not able to give much of a review (and there are so many that I probably would not add much any way).
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    What Is Current Status Of Craigs Queue?

    I'm apparently 650-750 and I haven't heard anything yet. While I don't think we should have much longer to wait (knocks on wood and crosses fingers), don't forget that ED gets 1/4 of the Pandoras built AND there are RMAs to think of AND some people have bought more than one unit. So people's...
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    Signs Of Life

    I've not heard anything yet. I ordered two and half hours after pre-orders opened (from Craig's shop). So I'm hoping that there can't be much longer to wait. Craig has tweeted that they might make 550 Pandoras this week. Craig does tend to be a little over optimistic from past experience, but...
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    Is There A Problem?

    While it will take a while I do intend to do something with/for Pandora. Probably not nearly as awesome as what some of you guys have done or will do but something. I do have some ideas for a game. I want to have a go at making it, and not just ask random devs to do it for me. When I've...
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    Is There A Problem?

    I think is down to the mix of people. Some will develop, some won't and some like me did a tiny bit of coding a while ago and don't feel ready just yet. Perhaps the 900 does not contain enough motivated people with time. I certainly have things to learn before I can really be of help to the...
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    Is There A Problem?

    The situation will change once/if Pandoras are flying out of the factory. That is what is needed now. Until that happens there isn't a lot to talk about, no insane hardware hacks, new homebrew, or improved emulators. We all need the Pandoras in our hands to do that. I'm sure that batches 1 and...
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    Unresponsive controls

    Take care if your using WD40 on electrical/electronic equipment it leaves a electrically insulating film that can be tough to remove. Possible troublesome if some WD40 got under the key mat for example.
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    When Am I Getting My Pandora?

    Its tempting to contact some of these suppliers and perhaps it adds to the overall frustration that we can't help in some way. Although if frustrated and annoyed customers take it on themselves I expect that it would make it more difficult for OPT to communicate through overflowing in-boxes...
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    When Am I Getting My Pandora?

    Find myself frustrated by all the delays etc. On the other hand I know what ED's saying above is true. You'd think it would be simple, but its really not, and the OP team must be stressed by all this. I think tha my interest in the teams efforts and the potential of the device are why I'm still...
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    When Am I Getting My Pandora?

    @Rabidpoobear I'm around about the same place in the queue as you. I know how you feel. I'm frustrated by the amount of progress and how things don't seem to quite add up with what we've been told. I'm, also, not about to cancel any time soon. BUT I think the deadline I've set myself this time...
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    Lifespan Of Li Batteries

    You should look up the Stirling engine . This may be old technology but still IMHO cool, very elegant. As it works with any heat source, you could harvest heat that would otherwise be wasted to do something useful (like charging laptops, Pandoras and mobile phones). Its something that you might...
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    Pandora Should Move To Android

    There are a few OS available for the Pandora already, and the Pandora is touted as an open system. The option has been available from day one to change your OS IF you want to. Its there and already happening. While Open Pandora Ltd themselves are too small to work on a range of OS at the same...
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    Pandora Should Move To Android

    I suppose that Craig is trying to consider how he can make the Pandora appeal to a larger market by offering a OS that has a know brand name. Such an OS may also be familiar to some, which may be a selling point. The unbrickable, flexible design of the Pandora means that any OS can be stripped...