Simple Dev Studio for GP2X v0.7b

  1. StreaK
    A very small IDE for GP2X SDK [ 1,3mb ], for those who want to make a small application [ for gp2x ]and doesnt need big fat Visual Studio [ 500mb ] or even codeblocks [ 50mb ]. The IDE is self containing and needs only official GP2X SDK and additional SDL libs
    or minimal libs to work.

    Whats new in 0.7b
    - GP2X Help Button [ GP2x Icon on left ] has got 3 links which redirects you to excellent tutorials about gp2x / sdl / c++ programming
    - Nasty timer 'bug' about 'working too hard' is turned off
    - Added New Setup App to auto-setup your ide with sdk
    - Corrected few small bugs..
    - And finally SDK [ GP2x and Win32 ] is binded with SimpleDevStudio IDE