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    sdlBasic Runtime version 0.8 GP2X/WIZ Edition by Farox

    sdlBasic is a small, efficient and multiplatform basic interpreter aimed to game creation using the power of SDL library,
    it was inspired by the old and glorious AMOS.
    sdlBasic is open source software.
    This means anyone is welcome to download it at no charge, including the source code if you need to make special changes.
    Developers can get involved and help make sdlBasic even better.

    It runs on Linux, windows (9x and nt-XP based), macOSX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, MorphOS, AmigaOS, GP2X F100/F200, WIZ.

    The basic interpreter come from wxbasic by David Cuny ('http://wxbasic.sourceforge.net') distribuited under lGPL.
    The graphic system is based upon SDL graphics libraries family('http://www.libsdl.org')distribuited under GPL.

    This software is subject to lGPL license and is free as every program used to create it.

    For sdlBasic commands and syntax list i suggest to read full documentation for more details.

    Authors: David Cuny <dcuny@lanset.com> (wxbasic)
    Roberto Viola <__vroby__@libero.it> (sdlbasic)

    I (Farox) have recompiled the latest version 0.8 of this package available at http://www.sdlbasic.net/web/ .

    Changes from the last version from __vroby__(version 0.7) :

    include fix done by gersen also available on http://www.basicprogramming.org/sdlbasic/
    10-11-09 Exit sub and Exit function now work. Fix to eval.c
    09-11-09 Funtion Atan2 added. Additions to builtin.h and builtin.c

    Farox work:

    Recompilation on latest SDL version 1.2.11 (by senorQuack) on gp2x, before was recompiled with 1.2.9
    Compiled with standard GPH toolchain on WIZ.

    Fixed some #defines in order to compile a lite version with base feature (no SOCKET, MPEG, SQLITE support) and
    an advanced version with SOCKET and SQLITE support for the gp2x.
    I wasn't able to build a version with MPEG support on gp2x (sorry).

    Also have adapted some of the available examples to run on GP2X console.
    Links to check:

    http://www.sdlbasic.net/web/ new page dedicated at sdlBasic.
    http://www.basicprogramming.org/sdlbasic/ “Unofficial“ Page on Basicprogramming.org
    http://www.sdlbasic.altervista.org/main/index.php Official page by __vroby__ but seems abandoned or no more mantained.
    http://nitrofurano.linuxkafe.com/sdlbasic/ where to find many sdlBasic stuff and examples.