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SDL Libs v211006 v211006

This is a pack of SDL Libs for use with DevkitGP2X. The libs are all built on the latest code available and updates will be made available when needed.

There are too many libs to mention but all the usual suspects are there. Paeryns Hardware Accelerated SDL, SDL_Image, SDL_GFX, SDL_TTF etc. Music playback is handled through libmad and tremors for MP3 and OGG formats respectively in SDL_Mixer.

Full details on how to install can be found in my GP2X User Guide. All source code can be found on their respective homepages, I used Oopo's DevKit to compile it all.

Thanks and credits to the following people:
Theoddbot - For the original libs distribution which this package is based on.
Oopo - For his excellent toolchain.
Wntrmute - For devkitGP2X
Paeryn - For the hw accelerated sdl libs
David Rose/Julien Boulnois - SDL_mixer 1.2.6 compiled to use libmad and tremor
If I missed your name here let me know and sorry I forgot it!

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