Perl and SDL_perl Beta 1

  1. Miyu
    From the README:

    README.EN, Beta 1

    This is a completly ported version of the current Perl
    5.8.7 for the GP2X.

    The state of this port is still beta. It`s not optimized
    and comes with every standard perl module (even thou many
    modules are pointless on the gp2x). Furthermore the also
    included SDL_perl module to use SDL Bindings withing perl
    isn`t tested in any way.

    For module and general documentation (not included),


    Cause of the lack of space on the NAND and the current size of this
    package (about 20 MB), I recommend to install Perl on your SD
    card. For this, you have two options:

    1. Minimal installation

    Unpack the complete archive in the *root folder* of the SD
    card and start the install_links.gpu using the utilities menu
    of the GP2X. If you want to install it in another directory,
    you have to adjust the gpu manualy.

    The gpu creates some links from the NAND to the SD card.
    No real files will get installed.

    2. No installation (completly from the card)

    For this you need to make some adjustments:

    2.1 The shebang (the #!/usr/bin/perl at the beginning of a script)
    needs to be either changed to contain the right path of the perl
    binary or you have to start the script via a shell script
    p.ex.: /mnt/sd/libs/perl/bin/perl /mnt/sd/

    2.2 LD_LIBRARY_PATH needs to append the path to the lib
    of the perl installation (see 2.3)

    2.3 If you want to use modules, you have to set the PERL5LIBS
    environmental variable to /mnt/sd/libs/perl/lib/perl5

    Example for a shell script:
    ------ CUT --------

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/mnt/sd/libs/perl/lib/perl5/arm-linux/CORE:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    export PERL5LIBS=/mnt/sd/libs/perl/lib/perl5

    /mnt/sd/libs/perl/bin/perl /mnt/sd/fb2x/

    cd /usr/gp2x
    exec ./gp2xmenu
    ------- CUT --------