1. Carl Reinke
    o2xiv with some modifications ans fixes, includes binaries, source code, and code::blocks project files

    This is what i made :D

    26 / 12 / 2010..
    added a code::blocks project file
    added more flexible resolution settings
    added 'Reset to Top' menu option (resets the image to the top for easier manga reading)
    made the file list legth dependant on the screen's resolution
    made a workarround for the jpeg_load() function that gave some errors...invalid color space convertion and stuff
    fixed some bugs that crashed the app
    now it show be posible to compile for the pandora without problems....exept for the fact that the output is in 16bits colors
    To Do:
    fix that problem about the output color space
    fix a memory leak that happens sometimes when changing image while scrolling
    make the file names' legth dependant on the screen width