nLove - Lua Game Engine 0.7.0b

  1. Bartbes,SiENcE, Farox (gp2x)
    nlove : A port of love to SDL systems.
    nlove 0.70 beta for GP2X

    I have recompiled the nlove runtime for GP2X .

    Thanks to SIENCE and BARTBES for this wonderfull LOVE fork.
    Like the Caanoo release this come with Picklelauncher, so you
    are able to use this great gui/launcher to test the love examples.

    See the nlove_gp2x.txt for more info on this version.

    See the readme.txt for more info on LOVE (nlove).

    06/feb/2011: updated source code with the latest changes by Bartbes.Also added modplug support (thru libmodplug )so now can play various mods format on nlove.