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Mission faileD 1.2

2011 - Roberto Zilli 'RZZ' with the help of Claudio Rizzo 'Zip'

1.2 version
Many thanks to sbpaabck who gave me lot of the ideas implemented in this release

- Your option settings will be saved
- 2 different difficulty levels: Normal (as before) and Easy (smaller ship hitbox,
slower enemy fire, less enemy fire..)
- You can choose wich level to play, once completed
- Added a mini-game once finished the game:
In mini-game there are 2 kinds of asteroids: brown and grey.
You have to destroy more asteroids as possible, but if a gray
asteroid escapes, the game in over. 1 live, infinie ammo.
- Added a simple tutorial, in level 1, wich invites you to use the correct weapon
- Longer invincibility time after death
- The period of invincibility is indicated by a graphic effect.

1.1 Version:

- Bonus added: get 'Perfect' score and you can have infinite ammo and a new laser weapon.
- Added 'Smartbomb': destroys everything on the screen !
- Each button is used to shoot a different weapon.
- The game is a ittle easier.

This is my first game, an old-style 2D shoot'em up.
Sprites, musics and sounds are ripped from various games
such as R-type, Gradius, Axelay...
Sprites are taken from
In particular I used sprites ripped by:

- Zephiel87
- SmithyGCN
- Arima
- Deathbringer
- Random Talking Bush
- Sephis
- AzRaezel
- JudgeSpear
- Magma Dragoon
- Ragey

Primary fire has infinite ammo.
3 types of secondary fire
- Vulcan: fast but weak
- Cannon: slow but powerful
- Bombs: Very powerful, use them to hit ground enemies

Destroy a colplete wave of enemyes to obtain more ammo.

Zilli Roberto RZZ
First release
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