Hyperion, 2D platformer 0.5

  1. Jarl Larsson
    Hyperion is an oldschool 2D platform shooter,
    being developed with SDL.

    The main character in Hyperion is your typical astronaut, equipped with a modest, but none the less lethal plasma-arm-cannon.

    The premise is as simple as it is brilliant. stranded on a lush forest planet inhabited by blood-thirsty aliens, you have to survive your way through the level until you reach a magic space-crystal.

    A level editor is built into the game, allowing you to create levels from scratch. The two levels in this demo were made using the built-in editor.

    The game is a work-in-progress, and the demo is currently available for Windows and the GP2X (more platforms may be added later).

    Tested on F200, but it doesn't use the touch screen so it should work on F100 as well. The Windows version can be downloaded from http://hyperion.bytegrove.com