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gp2xjoy.o -- Linux joystick module 0.1

When loaded with input.o and joydev.o this module will provides a /dev/js0 device to read input from the buttons and stick like from any other jostick plugged to the gp2x.

This module allows you to write select based main loops, and also simplifies supporting several input devices at a time. With that patch the linux default implementation of the SDL joystick can be used.

This module is already included in the open2x kernel.

The zip file (GPL) includes a compiled module, that can be used out of the box, the source code of the module, and a kernel patch that contains the source and adds the module to make system of the kernel. The module was programmed against the 2.1.x-tag of the GPH kernel. It should in general, if the mmsp2 arch-headers are available.

If you want to build the module with your kernel just do the following:
# cd gph-kernel-2.1.x
# unzip path-to-zip-file/
# patch -p0 <gp2xjoy.patch

And then reconfigure your kernel, and build..

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