1. Nagelfar
    Boomshine2x by Nagelfar

    Note: You will first need to install the Java runtime on your GP2X. Available here:

    Boomshine2x is a remake of the very popular game Boomshine (http://www.k2xl.com/games/boomshine/)
    by Danny Miller with music and sound effects provided by Tim Halbert (http://www.timhalbert.com/).

    Click the screen ('B' button) to start a chain reaction at the cursors location and try to explode
    as many dots as needed to pass a level. The game contains 12 levels in ascending order of difficulty.
    To exit the application press 'Select' during a level.

    This is a game written in JAVA. You need the JAVA runtime to play it.

    To install the runtime extract the two folders (jamvm and java-cp) to the ROOT of your SD Card.
    Don't install it anywhere else it HAS TO BE IN ROOT!

    Afterwards extract the Boomshine2x directory into the jamvm directory. Don't extract it to any
    other directory and make sure to preserve this exact name e.g. Boomshine2x not boomshine2x not
    gamesboomshine just Boomshine2x.
    Run the game with the included shell script.