1. Ruckage
    Animatch is a tile matching game based on Zoo keeper for the DS (Zooo on GBA). The aim of the game is to create a row of 3 or more animals either horizontally or vertically by swapping tiles.


    Full joystick and touchscreen support.
    3 game modes (Normal, Time attack and Score attack).
    Hiscore tables.
    Fantastic music by Pat Ferguson (thank you :))
    Special tiles which remove all matching tiles friom the board.
    Hints that can be used if you're really struggling to find that next move.
    The game checks to make sure you always have a move available and gives you a new board if you don't.

    v1.01 Fixed minor touchscreen bug(out by 5pixels on y axis)


    1: Fixed major bug that locked the game up - found by fusion_power
    2: Fixed minor tile swap error - found by me
    3: Improved joystick selection response - requested by senor quack
    4: Added alternate control method (b/y) - requested by senor quack
    5: Pause the game timer if you run out of moves - requested by fusion_power
    6: Added a remember last name/default name option - requested by fusion_power
    7: Move onto next letter on keyboard when direction held - requested byyod4z
    8: Fade out completed animals - requested by Alex
    9: Countdown for quota instead of countup - requested by Alex
    10: 'Normal' and 'Hard' mode for 'Time attack' and 'Score attack', Normal has the standard 7 animals and hard includes the pig as well. - requested by me
    11: Tap selected tile to de-select - requested by senor quack
    12: Random Background change after every level
    13: Tiles fall a bit faster
    14: Fixed small random number bug
    15: Added 2 extra highscore tables for Score attack and Time attack har mode.
    16: 2 New songs, big thanks to Pat


Recent Reviews

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    Version: 1.2
    Fun and nice-looking game.