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    It's software this time!

    Doesn't really sound great. Last updates were on May 4th ("Coating company will resume work tomorrow") and on June 25 ("Still waiting for coated cases"), so no progress has been made for nearly three months.
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    [Project] Vintage film viewer as RetroPie

    Unable to find one with that kind of cool retro style and enough space inside ;)
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    [Project] Vintage film viewer as RetroPie

    I‘m located in Essen.
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    [Project] Vintage film viewer as RetroPie

    Hi all, I really liked this Hack-a-Day project: , so I ordered everything to build it (even ordered the viewer from the US because I could not find something similar in Europe). But now I have too many projects and really...
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    Wrapping everything up!

    Would you mind to at least try a little bit to improve your english if you write here so much? It's really a pain to read and to a certain extend it seems to be just from not paying attention - e.g. it's with, not whit, and you're spelling it wrong every single time. I guess there should be a...
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    Back to normal!

    I noticed the same. The whole cases story starts to get ridiculous. After endless back-and-forth discussions, ED decided to have those 500 clear ones produced by FormAction and then move the molds. News from Jul-22: "The molds for the cases are being moved AFTER UniquePlast comes back from...
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    New cables, more boards (2011-04-15)

    I wonder about these numbers. On 2011-05-04 you gave us the status of 2011-03-29 saying 2603 boards had been shipped. Now, two weeks later, you say there has been one shipping of 150 and one of 200 boards, so shouldn't the new total number be 2953 boards?
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    Support The Team And The Production!

    I would help with replacing the nubs on some units if you like, I have the equipment to do this kind of soldering without problems and at least for units from german customers it would for sure be cheaper than sending them back to texas for replacement.
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    Still Waiting For Nubs And Boards?

    They have been supposed to speed up for some month now (even far before those nub problem became appearend) and the opposite happened, they even got slower (or just stopped working on the pandora boards for some weeks for no reason). Why do you think they would suddenly speed up now?
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    One-Nub Pandora On Ebay

    Hello, I placed my One-Nub-Pandora (more one and a half nub because the right one is still useable as mouse button replacement) on Ebay because I'm not really using it due to a lack of time. Bidding started at 1 Euro, I accept Paypal and will ship to nearly anywhere. Shipping to the USA and...
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    Qt Creator 2.0.0Beta & Qt 4.7.0Beta

    Figured this out myself in the meantime. The "Trolltech" folder in the archive needs to be extracted to /usr/local, then the following exports have to be made: export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.7.0/bin export QTDIR=/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.7.0 export...
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    The One Nub Club

    I got one of those no-nubbers craig offered some weeks ago. When it arrived, the left nub was totally dead while the right only did move left and right. Today I found the time to check them by removing them from the PCB and disassembling (it's no problem with the proper equipment)...
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    Qt Creator 2.0.0Beta & Qt 4.7.0Beta

    Could you provide a step by step guide how you compiled Qt? I got your zip file, Qt creator from it runs fine, but keeps saying "QT is not installed correctly, run make install" even after setting PATH, QTDIR and QMAKESPEC accordingly.
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    Production Status

    Is the company in texas using the time to do all those time intensive testing of the boards already produced? That should be possible without the nubs as well.
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    Post Your Dosbox Successes Here

    This is indeed impressing considering that the DS only has a 66 Mhz ARM9 CPU. I'd love to see it running on both pandora and wiz, however it's problably harder to port than dosbox since it's not been written with portability in mind.