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    Just a quick heads up

    Is everyone in the same group as regards shipping/orders? Except for a handful of developers/reviewers maybe? I have absolutely no idea any more - just that I am on a list.
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    Planet Computers : Gemini - Psion Returns

    This looks like validation of the Pyra (to some extent), and has a slightly different niche. Will be interesting to see if it takes off as a phone+keyboard alternative. Presumably it has serious backing, otherwise the whole thing looks rather speculative to me.
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    A few Colors and Packages (with a poll!)

    Presentation wise, the big box is better. Overall, the smaller box feels right because it better reflects the form-factor. Imagine seeing them in a store, you wouldn't want people to confuse it with a tablet device. It might look better with the battery section reversed - even if that needs a...
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    Retrocomputing site on StackExchamge

    I guess this may be of interest to a few people here, either as a source of information, or as somewhere to share your knowledge. is in beta, aimed at vintage-computer hobbyists interested in restoring, preserving, and using the classic computer and...
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    Preorders Have Started. (Previously named starts in two hours)

    I finally managed to parse the updated thread title... 'priorly' should be 'previously' if it is going to make any sense at all.
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    Finalizing everything!

    Well, chroot Ubuntu on my Chromebook just works, so I guess there has been a fair amount of porting work going on for some time now. (To be fair, I don't stress the Chromebook, but it's a good reference)
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    Preorders Have Started. (Previously named starts in two hours)

    My order seems to have gone through fine (€400 + €200 voucher), but the store told me it looked like there was a problem with what I ordered. I'm assuming its all ok...
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    ... we're still alive!

    I'm more than happy with 32 GB based on the prices. I still have a nagging doubt about speed (and having plenty of unused space might be a benefit). My TF201 tablet started out with the slowest eMMC on the planet, and is surely now far slower than it was when I bought it - but it looks like...
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    A date with the Pyra

    Some sort of ChromeOS/Android convergence is likely (maybe some more clues with the upcoming Pixel C, maybe later). 
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    Reflect the LEDs!

    Well, you really need to be concerned if it is resistive - by the same argument as reflecting the LED light, power is only dissipated by resistance. I agree it is unlikely to have an impact across the PCB, but this might be relevant in other situations and seems everyone gets RF wrong at...
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    Get ready to rumble!

    I'm going to wait a while, let anyone else who is keen to get on have a chance to get in the queue, but I'll take up to 3 slots if there are any left by the end of the week...
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    Verified Reviews or not...?

    I do sometimes use review sites (positive and negative feedback), but dislike the direct mail option. If I received one from ED, I might fill it in but it would cost a degree of goodwill. Finding a different route to get legitimate reviews on independant sites would be preferable.
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    CHIP - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer

    So this is effectively the Chinese cut-down pandora clone, in the handheld version - (for sure its not being made in Oakland if my kickstarter experiences so far mean anything).  I can imagine lots of people being disappointed with the performance and software set, except where its being used...
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    What should be included in the firmware?

    A minimal base install, but some very trivial method of allowing a user to bring this up to a 'typical' install. It should work out of the box, and it should be easy to (online or offline) customise broswer, media player, etc from a sensibly small list.
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    Trying to find a fair solution

    I suggest this thread is prunded so the idiots ranting about entitlement can take that somewhere else. Having read the last few pages, I am 100% against taking any action which will enable some people to get a free pandora from ED. However, since I don't fully understand why ED is still trying...