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    Clive Sinclair passed away

    Yeah indeed, for those that missed it, I shared the restoration project a little while ago...
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    Clive Sinclair passed away

    RIP Clive... , My first computer, however My ZX81(TS 1000) looks a little weird now...
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    Port Requests

    Source code is already out in the wild, Luckily the Pyra still pretty Niche.
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    What dit you use your Pandora/Pyra today/the last few days

    If that's the case, it likely the issue, there is no hardware decoding working at the moment, I have smplayer configured for 4 threads and I brute force it with CPU power.
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    What dit you use your Pandora/Pyra today/the last few days

    Just a guess, but perhaps it's trying to use Mesa for any acceleration?, have you tried using this with gl4es?
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    Release Xash3D - Half Life

    It's likely an issue with System RAM, CC unit only has 256MBs of RAM. You may get around the issue by enabling a swap file to fake it into thinking it has more RAM, but likely performance will not be as good as Rebirth or 1GHZ with the 512MB of RAM. This utility makes it easy to make them and...
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    I got PST to run, but gemrb itself at the time was in a partial working state with the game. I remember playing through the intro without issues, just not sure where the breakage is. Anything with Gemrb was a bit fiddly to get right if I recall.
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    Current State of the Pyra

    I keep my volume down to 50% or so and seems to solve the issue for the most part.
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    Release Prototype

    I need to implement it myself for Open Tyrian... There was an opensource implementation of skeezix spaghetti client I remember a few people in the GCW-Zero world used.. Edit: Found it!
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    Release GTA Vice City

    Love that this runs so well, I will get a lot of play out of this game. Some controls I changed to make DPad UP and Down to Lean Forward/Back while in vehicle, I wish the small shoulder buttons could be programmable as I could use those for Turrent Left/Right, all these controls are handy for...
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    Would this IPS screen work on the Pandora?

    It would take a serious feat to allow a modern IPS screen to work on the Pandora, if you can get something to work with custom circuitry, then you also likely run into the issue that almost every screen released now seems to be portrait biased ex 720x1280 resolution vs 1280x720 due to the...
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    FAQ Suggestions

    This had me thinking I bricked my Pyra for sometime as you don't get any messages from the USB serial console with this issue. tried for a bit to format my cards in Linux, but ended up having to format on my old Macbook pro and formatting to an ext format is not that straight forward on a Mac.
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    Release Serious Sam The Second Encounter (Full & Demo)

    I had the same issue when trying it yesterday, however I didn't see the bin message as I didn't read the README and I just copied everything from my Pandora to save time.
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    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    I put 100+ Hours in Fallout 4, just got sucked into it, which is funny that Fallout 3 didn't quite get me there, although everyone tells me I should have tried New Vegas.
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    Release Serious Sam The First Encounter (Full & Demo)

    It's really good IMO, no noticeable slowdowns. That said on my 1GHZ Pandora the game ran really well, completed it without issues, well outside a flaky left nub. Second Encounter on the other hand did have a little sluggishness compared to the first.