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    Port Requests

    My apologies, I'll be more thorough in checking for the source next time!
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    Port Requests

    Ahh Balderdash...Of course, should have really checked for that. Thanks for taking a look pitSeb!
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    Port Requests

    Ello! While flicking through ye ol' internet I stumbled across this bit of fun: Norman's Sky is basically an 8-bit Space Sim, like a budget version 'No Mans Sky'. It has a Linux release but I just thought it would be spiffing to see this ported to the Pandora...
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    Finalizing everything!

    Huzzah! Fantastic news! Thank you for the extensive update. I eagerly await the 1st May!
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    Razer Blade Stealth

    Ah, looks like the Alienware laptop and Amplifier idea except they've taken all the graphics power out of the laptop to make it as portable as possible. This looks excellent.
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    Dreamcast 2 Petition. Really? Why?

    It's a top idea, I would love to see Dreamcast.2. A bit like the Atari Flashback consoles. Same principle. Bringing old games to the present using modern hardware. Of course, as these project leaders point out, they want this thing with wifi, internal storage etc. They want to make something...
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    Parallel Production and new boards

    Huzzah and Hurrah, all this great news, someone tell me it's christmas! Scratch resistance would be a much appreciated feature. I do use my Pandora quite often on the move, and despite the case, it does pick up scratches now and again.
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    Emily's Curious Adventure

    I'm really looking forward to this! It looks like a barrel of whimsical fun!
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    Game reviews in 5 words

    My shoe has more of a personality than Aiden 'Hyprocite' Pearce.
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    Game reviews in 5 words

    Assassins Creed III: Our Protagonist, personality of wood.
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    Announcing:Vampires Dawn soon on the Pandora

    Downloading both as I type!
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    Announcing:Vampires Dawn soon on the Pandora

    Wow, first time I've heard about this! I'll watch the repo like a hawk.
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    Release Moonlight

    Thanks pitSeb! Look promising. Is there any chance this will be worked on to improve Moonlight? Or is it mostly down to the Pandoras limitations which cause the lag?
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    R.I.P. Iwata-sachou of Nintendo

    He will be dearly missed. Iwata has cleared the game, time to move on to the next one. Rest In Peace.
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    Release Virtual Jaguar

    Aha! That did it pitSeb. I was filling in the top, not the 2nd text field. Thank you for the help!