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    The 411 On Gp32x Emulation Quality

    Great feedback guys!!! That's what I wanted to hear. Does it still look great hooking it up to the TV for Emu as well as movie play back? Does it support most or certain USB controllers?
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    The 411 On Gp32x Emulation Quality

    Really, about how long is the average battery life? Is there a charge pack or what do you recommend? Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming guys.
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    The 411 On Gp32x Emulation Quality

    A couple years back I use to be into the GP32 heavily and had a FLU that a bought used. Anyways the front light went out on it and sold it. The GP32X was still a while away from being released. Before you tell me to search the forums, Google etc, I have done this. I would like to know is the...
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    L@@k, Selling Neo Geo Collection
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    3 Count Bout Mvs Neo Geo Cart
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    Neo Geo Shock Boxes For Mvs Lot Of 6 Like New!!!
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    Gp32 Game Park Handheld System + Loads Of Extras.

    My reserve was not met but Slipdeath purchased it, thanks you!!!
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    Want Gp32

    I am selling mine on ebay below... :)
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    Gp32 Game Park Handheld System + Loads Of Extras.
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    Her Knights: All For Princess Boxed Like New
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    Xgp First Picture??

    I like the built in phone dialing pad, so we can call our friends anc family from our XGP or send faxes, what will they think of next. LMAO, PIMP. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Wanted Neo Geo Mvs Carts

    PM me if you have Neo Geo MVS or Shock Boxes to sell or maybe trade. :D
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    Homebrew Make Or Break

    The Gizmondo sounds like some type of Mexican dish, LMAO just had to say it as I the name it's self does not attract me to that product. Forget having to get a digital signature that's as bad as hvaing to update the firmware on the PSP.
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    Looking For Gp32 Flu

    He is a very trustworthy guy and sold me a GP32 cable. I totally vouch for Jaw!!!
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    Gpx2 Faqs