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    Release Caster on the Pandora.

    No, he didn't. As low as the price per platform, though, I'm suspecting that you're going to have to purchase for Pandora separately from Linux. If you're wondering, you can ask when the version for the Pandora rolls out.
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    Release Caster on the Pandora.

    Yeah, it is. Yes, it can be trusted. He's started on Chapter 2 as of Monday of this week. Let's not make this hearsay, then. :D A Pandora port IS in the works. It started this Monday. I should know. I'm the guy doing it. :D It's in progress on both counts.
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    Release Run java and j2me ?

    There is, but the "not all games work on all phones" is more due to inconsistencies in the J2ME implementations and API availability. J2SE will be available and I'm suspecting the J2ME wedge will work for us in that case as long as you're not talking any of the 3D titles. Depending on how they...
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    Ubuntu On Pandora

    There's certainly nothing keeping you from doing that- it's all in the launcher and the bit of magic that allows .pnd files look like directory structures when the system sees them. Once you've got that wired in, it's the same beast so long as the packaged stuff doesn't have off dependency...
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    Why Is It Worth Waiting For Pandora?

    Heh... I'll give you the Archos- but it's not in the same segment and it's not usable the way we're going to use it. The Overo though... $219 for the Fire version (comparable to what we're getting...). $70 for the Tobi expansion module. And that doesn't put a touchpanel LCD in the mix. All...
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    Why Is It Worth Waiting For Pandora?

    There's still not any OMAP3 based gear save the Beagleboard in people's hands and the Snapdragon and iMX515 stuff's just now demoing as prototypes. It's not outdated by a longshot, it's just not at the bloody edge anymore. It's merely at the forefront of things now.
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    Why Is It Worth Waiting For Pandora?

    (It's unfortunate the banks caused so much confusion, tough I never use Paypal.) Like I said repeatedly in the past: The sole difference between OP and Sony or Nintendo is that you're all seeing the pains that EVERYBODY goes through on a regular basis on new product dev. It's a blindingly...
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    Gamecube Emulator

    Don't you mean 2 FPM? :D
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    Why Is It Worth Waiting For Pandora?

    Disappointing, isn't it? QUOTE I still believe in the team for several reasons (CNC, general progress, their reputations on the line etc) but damn, even Craig himself once said "This isn't some far off into 2009 project". If he hadn't have had the little mishap with the bank stuff in 2008...
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    Plan For Memory?

    They'll be cheaper, but if you're accessing both at the same time (Unlikely, but possible...) you will be burning twice as much juice as the 1 32Gb card- with the advantage that your access to the data may be faster. Since you do not have hardware assist, you will not gain doing RAID0 for speed...
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    03/29 Blog Entry

    Tolerance levels will depend on the materials used and the injection moldings. Typically, there's no risk, though, on this step. You factor in the looser tolerances provided by the IM stuff as opposed to the CNC (which can have very tight tolerances and just simply work...) and go. You rarely...
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    10 Gig will only buy you 4000 total continuous users, based on the figures they gave for bandwidth needs- and that's the low-def figure. You get roughly 430 users on an OC12 at low-def, 80-ish in "high-def". Most Tier-1 co-lo facilities have a couple of OC-12's coming into the facility. Using...
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    Wolfenstein 3d ''officially'' Ported To Iphone

    Two letters... E. and A. Dead awesome. The only rub would be that they did a LOT of x86 assembly, from my understanding to make it go on the original targets- and I don't know if Scott and Co. kept the source code lying about in a way that it'd be usable. We can always ask 3DR if they would...