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    The flight has been booked

    Thanks for the clarification Bosbeetle, this chip is used so no extra load is put on the CPU/GPU, right? Is there a way to disable it from software? Like if you intentionally want to use the Pyra in Landscape for some reason (reading books maybe?)
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    The flight has been booked

    have a safe trip ED... If I may ask, what's the SSD mentioned below? Google kept insisting I don't know solid state drives :$
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    Wtc Caanoo

    Am looking to buy a used Caanoo that's in good condition, preferably boxed...   Please PM me if you have one that you wish a good home for it :)
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    Pandora + iCP hijacked by kids.

    ^ This is the exact reason why am dying for those tv out cables to arrive...
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    4 Year Old Tough?

    If it is about the movies get them a 7" portable dvd player with a usb slot, I highly doubt they would enjoy watching movies on a screen as small as the Dingoo...
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    Buying A Usb Otg

    Thanks plenty paeryn, once I get it I will update this post with my findings for the future if someone was as confused as I am.
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    Buying A Usb Otg

    Hi guys, After buying a USB male to female converter (useless) and after getting two wrong cables of ebay, I still haven't given up using the USB OTG but this time I am turning for you for help. Can you please check which of the following items will allow me to have USB host on my Pandora...
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    WiFi, tests and CircuitCo (2011-06-17)

    Craig since you are here already :) Would you please update us on the status of the TV out cables? If we cant proceed because there's a minimum order required, how many cables are needed to reach the minimum order amount?
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    WiFi, tests and CircuitCo (2011-06-17)

    ED I am sure you are not ignoring questions about the TV out cable intentionally ;) Would you pleas update us of their status and how many more orders do we need to have the cables built and shipped?
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    WiFi, tests and CircuitCo (2011-06-17)

    Adding my voice to people asking about the TV out cables, I haven't heard any update regarding these for weeks (months?) now.
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    Caanoo / WIZ $20 Bounty For Working Caanoo Alarm!

    What if it syncs the time through WiFi? Not that I would code something that would do that; just suggesting...
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    Wrong Time To Buy A Handheld For Emulators?

    GP32/GP2X/PANDORA owner here: I would still reconsider the PSP specially with the latest price drop to $130 from $160, it can emulate up to N64, has its own games, Sony's hardware quality is remarkable and you can easily have it fixed anywhere in the world (damn I might buy one to add it to my...
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    Uninstall apps, more apps on desktop

    I am sorry for these noob questions, but I searched the wiki and didn't find answers :( 1. How do one uninstall an app he has used before? 2. How can I show more app icons on my desktop 3. How can I make xfce treat single clicks on icons as double click (execute, open etc...)
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    Beta Upcoming (Hf5) Firmware Image

    * application: removed pidgin etc... ED, will hf5 final (not the image above) move the applications to the SD card along with their current settings or will it simply delete the application files and settings?
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    Data disapearibg

    i know why i can see them, they were deleted but the recovery software recovered them =)