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    Half-life 1 Remake (blackmesa) Trailer Released

    I-ve been keeping track of it as well, i'm just curious, it says 2009, is that a release date?!?! if so it'll be awesome!!
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    A Fantastic Usb Xbox 1 Controller

    did this a couple of days ago, its great as a cheap but good gamepad for pc, just sucks u need to install drivers for it, not simply plug and play
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    'app Store-like Service'

    well, first off, its a rumor, but if it is true, it's probably a program on your home pc that will sync your recently purchased apps with your wiz when you plug it in, kinda like itunes and an ipod, ya know :)
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    Risc Os

    yeah, um people having been working their butt off to make a good LINUX os system with gui, plus a bunch of the programmers are familiar with it, and have ported to it so in one word no it's just unpractical in my opinion, why run multiple oses on a portable umpc, when most programs are only...
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    The Gigantic Pc Build Thread

    if you are really gonna do this, try running crysis with wine and PLZ post a video of the outcome, (with that sort of power, it should run flawlessly in dx9 mode, IF wine can emulate every api that crysis uses)
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    Homebrew Pandora Mock-up

    that is really cool!! i remember some youtube vids of something like this, i will definitely try and make one!! thanks!
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    Just Curious About Everyone...

    i believe th pandora is whatever you want it to be ;)
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    Xbox Handheld?

    yes these are quite old,... and very fake and by the way, how old are you? your sig looks like something a 11 yr old would post to sound funny
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    I Think I Have Bought The Wrong Console.

    which one did you buy, f-100 or f-200? and yes the Pandora ( will have a full keyboard.
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    Early Adopters Beware!

    +1 to all the usually non- early adopters who now are making exception for such an amazing machine, I'll definitely be one of the ones that will be an early adopter for the first time
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    Best Dreamcast Games

    quake 3? some say its one of the best pc to console ports ever!
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    Video Interview With Evildragon

    Whoa. If i had any concerns about this project, they just came out my rear. Firefox at FULL SPEED!!! I NEEED 1 NOW!!!
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    Page I Found That May Lead To Some Ports

    wow, i posted this about 3 months ago and nobody responded, i mean it's got gta 1 engine rewrites, falout engine reverse engineered, its a VERY good site for ideas to port stuff.