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    Picodrive Revival (1.91) - Gp2X/wiz/caanoo Version

    Still using my Wiz. Thanks for the update.
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    Pcsx Rearmed R17

      Confirmed. This also happens with Resident Evil 2. Caanoo and Wiz are both affected .
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    [Caanoo/wiz] Pcsx Rearmed R15

    Many thanks for the Wiz version, notaz!
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    Scummvm 1.5.0 Release For Gph Devices.

    Can't find my serial connection for the Wiz but AFAIK I got a Unsupported opcode type 0 back when I last tested Cruise for a Corps. It works great on the Caanoo btw. Another game with problems on the Wiz is Spyzone 3. It crashes when starting the game. I will add a bug report for both games...
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    Scummvm 1.5.0 Release For Gph Devices.

    Great release. Thanks John. Glad you fixed the input problems of the Wiz version. Another thing I noticed is that the FM Towns versions of Last Crusade and Zak McKracken are now working fine. No luck with Cruise for a Corpse. :( Only problem for me: Myst doesn't start anymore ( I know: It's...
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    [Caanoo/wiz] Pcsx Rearmed R15

    Great. Please add a Wiz version. Thanks!
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    Scummvm: ‘Git 6B8Fb196-Pre1.4.0’ Builds For Gph Devices (Gp2Xwiz And C

    Hello John. Thanks for the update. Some remarks to the Wiz version: There is a small glitch with the cursor when you start Scumm. You have no control over the cursor with the touchscreen or the joypad. You have to press the joypad in all directions for a few seconds then everything works fine...
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    Scummvm 1.2.0

    Great, thanks for the Caanoo port. Really stable and good compatibility for the first release version. I played a little bit to all games I own and made a short list of known problems of the 3 GPH ports. BASS - Load/Save is broken on all three platforms Scumm FM Towns engine - Games are broken...
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    Scummvm 1.2.0

    Only the demo version is supported as it's SCI 1.1. The release version is SCI 2 and not supported yet.
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    Caanoo / WIZ Wiz Game Engine

    Very nice tech demo. Thanks for sharing. I can't figure out what "start physics simulation" is doing. I can't see any difference... :unsure:
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    Advancing Wars

    Looks like a very interesting project to me, Ian. The Advance Wars series are my favorite games on GBA and NDS. And Plants vs Zombies is very funny. I always wanted to buy it over Steam but found no time yet.
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    Scummvm 1.2.0

    The ScummVM Team and the GPH/Pandora maintainer DJWillis released the new Scumm version 1.2.0 for the Wiz and other systems like Caanoo, GP2x, Dingoo and Pandora. 1.2.0 (2010-10-15) New Games: - Added support for Fascination. New Games (Sierra SCI0 - SCI1.1): - Added support for...
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    Scummvm: 1.2.0 Preview 1 For Gph Devices.

    Yeah, all 3 platforms and CD/floppy versions are affected. Using the games build in save menu you get a "Could not save the game. ()" GUI message. Using the GUI save menu you can save but the save name is not stored. The save state always is called "Untitled savestate". Loading the game you get...
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    Scummvm: 1.2.0 Preview 1 For Gph Devices.

    Thanks, John. This new release looks very good. The performance of SCI games is much better than in the previous version. I tested Police Quest II, Larry 5 + 6 and the Gabriel Knight D1D and all are really good playable now with perfect music. I also noticed a nice speed boost in the Tinsel...
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    Picodrive 1.80

    Great release, notaz. How is Caanoo compatibility technically solved?