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    GPD Win (x86 Computer / Palmtop)

    hmmm.. can you copy instead of split (is that even done on forums?) Now ED's replies refer to two posts in the other thread.
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    Heavy Metal

    I must say, after reading this thread I am now looking forward to a dark chocolate injection-moulded Pyra! Loving the news updates BTW
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    Total madness!

    Just dropping in to say hi and I was very happy to get the 8th last pre-preorder spot.
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    Has *anybody* received a refund from OpenPandora Ltd (Craig's) in 2013?

    Confucius say: Don't feed the trolls.
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    Edit by *Username*?

    What does dishonest and intellectually dishonest mean to you? Perhaps we have different ideas of what they mean. No problem! Yes, I understand you could only find my post after I found and submitted an archived version myself. That is interesting, where did I call an actual person a "grammar...
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    Edit by *Username*?

    :)Was I naive, maybe. Deliberately dishonest, definitely not. What a cruel thing to be accused of by a mod. All in a day's bullying It's hard to get along when you tried to bring up a geniune concern and a moderator ends up bullying you, denying it could ever happen and when you find evidence...
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    Edit by *Username*?

    You're welcome, I did your job for you by finding a post which you failed to. There was no board error. You guys stuffed up. Yes, that is secret moderation. No mods identified themselves when deleting/moving/commenting in those posts. I personally never received any notification from any...
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    Edit by *Username*? Moxie, you were saying? Btw thanks for your honesty...
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    Edit by *Username*?

    Thankyou Moxie, it appears you are very skeptical of my claims. Like I would bullshit about something like this, why would I do that? This forum has had problems of secret moderation in the past. I'm not going to name names. There is a whole thread on it, maybe from 2012. I also thought that...
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    Edit by *Username*?

    Why should only mods have access to edit history? Its more important that users have a record of who edits and hides their posts. It's the secret moderation and censorship that is the problem here. One user self censors their post? Oh my god! Big deal. How many posts have been hidden or...
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    A formal apology to the Moderators and Users of

    Yup, -1 to secret censorship of DaMummy. I despise secret moderating, whoever is hiding and censoring posts should come out and explain themselves, inside the post itself. The other day a post of mine mysteriously disappeared, I suspect just because it contained the word "nazi". I abhor...
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    Sufficient Activity Nowadays to start a Pandora focused Blog?

    Well it looks like ekianjo's project will be delayed, so you can count me in on Pandorapress. I'll probably end up writing for both :) Foxblock, once you hear back from atomicthumbs why not start a new Pandorapress thread? We're kinda hijacking ekianjo's thread here :)
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    Pandora Boards Regulars

    I don't see myself as part of the regular crowd here, I'm more of an irregular poster and contributor :)
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    Sufficient Activity Nowadays to start a Pandora focused Blog?

    Well, I agree with foxblock in that we need committed members to maintain a blog and produce good content. By committed I mean you pledge to put aside a few hours a week for that purpose only, and that you may be challenged by other members in a positive, constructive way. 5 committed members...
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    Sufficient Activity Nowadays to start a Pandora focused Blog?

    @foxblock: I didn't press it further because I felt ignored and unwanted. Why didn't I express my interest earlier? I don't see how that is relevant. @dredd: are you making a decision for ekianjo and myself there?