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    GP32X Needs You!

    I nominate myself. I have administration / moderation experience on a major website so clearly I am a shoe-in. Not to mention I have the respect and admiration of every member of GP32X.
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    Gp32X Is Not Good Enough

    When are you drama queens going to stop fucking bickering and just play your stupid games
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    Release It's Here!

    not on a digital or 24 hour clock, which I assume most of us use. try harder.
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    Release It's Here!

    even a broken clock is right once a day! (the vaporware twats aren't the broken clock)
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    So You Think It's Taken Too Long ?

    omg they delayed prey for like 3 years. its just like pandora roesofkdgdfhg
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    So You Think It's Taken Too Long ?

    did they take preorders a year ago?
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    Eternity 6: The Waterphoenix

    Looks fantastic, will love to have some well produced titles on Pandora to not only play but to show off
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    Counter Strike For Pandora

    uuuh Counter-Strike: Source 5 hrs last two weeks / 132 hrs on record (ive been busy lately) and that doesn't even register the majority of it
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    Does Pandora Share A Screen With The Archos 5 Internet Tablet?

    im as godless liberal as the next guy but jesus christ it's pretty pathetic that they actually show that in schools
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    Counter Strike For Pandora

    because its fun? I've been playing cs as far as I can remember and finally got source 2 years ago. it's never gotten old and i play it usually 10 hours a week
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    Shipping Date: Guessing Game

    you forgot to factor in the 4chan avatar coefficient
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    Nintendo Loses Flashcart Legal Battle!

    this is the most unintentionally dumb thing i have ever read on the internet, congratulations, you managed to beat every racist 9 year old on youtube
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    I Need A Big "what To Come" List

    let them do it. the pandora is a scam.
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    Philosophy For Gamers

    philosophy for gamers? well considering everyone who self applies the term is dumb, juvenile, selfish, and naive how about an ayn rand book?
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    Drudge Report....

    ugh i can't believe we have to PAY for something! I already bought the console why should i be expected to buy games? omg im posting about this on my ubuntu blog...