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    Picodrive Revival (1.91) - Gp2X/wiz/caanoo Version

    I picked up an F300 on eBay only a couple of weeks ago!
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    Would It Be A Good Idea To Build A New Os For The Wiz?

    If you are interested in the 3D hardware, I know JustBurn had a simple driver of his own working a few years ago.
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    Would It Be A Good Idea To Build A New Os For The Wiz?

    Unfortunately, I suspect it's not quite that simple (I speak from experience!). Firstly, a lot of stuff is not open source, and that which is tends to be old and is a bit of a pain to port (plus somebody actually needs to sit and do it). Also, a lot of things access hardware directly, and subtle...
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    Bricked? Caanoo

    Well it is certainly possible (though a bit of a pain) to get the Caanoo to boot off UART. However, when I download a bootloader from a Caanoo firmware and tell it to run, nothing happens. I'm not sure I want to try to flash it without having had it boot from RAM first, so I shall have a bit...
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    Bricked? Caanoo

    Does the Wiz recovery tool not work with the Caanoo? I will try to find a few minutes this weekend to see if I can get my Caanoo to boot over serial.
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    Gp2X F-200 Bricked System For Sale

    Where are you based?
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    Whats Up With The Caanoo?

    It probably wouldn't be hard at all to make the Caanoo firmware run a lot of Wiz binaries directly. I'm guessing it'd just be a case of enabling OABI compatibility in the kernel and providing a set of OABI libraries (which you could just pull out of the Wiz firmware). I started making a custom...
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    Money Money Money.

    Pandora bends spacetime!
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    Bad News

    quasist == cool.
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    Bad News

    Alas, the bad lizard has never confessed to the crime, but I have long suspected it passed first to somebody who I would describe as slimy rather than scaled!
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    Just Got My Gp2X... And Almost Immediately Bricked It.

    Any official firmware beyond 2.x is crap anyway. You're best either going back to 2.0->2.1.2 or going straight to Open2x. Try Open2x first, if that doesn't work, you may need to run the NAND blanker which can be found in the firmware section of the archive (since your bootloader is still in...
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    GP2X Does Anyone Have The F200 's Gpio Table?

    I don't think you can control the power LED. On the F100 there is the battery LED which you can control, but that doesn't exist on the F200.
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    Open2x Dr7 For F100 And F200

    Last I heard he was pretty busy sorting stuff back after coming back from hiking. There may be another release in the future, who knows, but I don't really have time to do one at the moment. We never bothered automating the process, so it's quite labour intensive to put one together, and then it...
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    Put The Gp2X Back On The Front Page

    The front page is locked to stop people hijacking the very first thing you see. I've fixed the links on it.
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    Caanoo / WIZ Non-Proprietary / Open Source Opengl (Es) Driver For Wiz ?

    JustBurn wrote some code to draw/texture polygons and I think do rotations directly with the hardware, and he was looking lighting if I recall correctly.