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  • I'm an Animal lover *wink-wink* so I'd definitely rather slap myself in the face with a twizzler every 4 hours for the rest of my life.
    If you had to choose between repeatedly punching a dog in it's stupid face, or slapping yourself in the face with a twizzler every 4 hours for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
    The bar is closed, but hundreds of beautiful naked ladies/girls walk by everyone every 2 minutes to serve you any drink you want, let alone anything else you want too.
    P.S. Condoms are by by the door on the entrance and are obviously optional, as you all know that I never use one...because that's what the morning after pill is for!!! :D
    Sony, this is cool looking at the visitor list, folks just can't stop coming by.
    This place is happening, and your the MC.
    Can I get a drink around here?.
    Where do I click for the bar?
    I'm an alien...I have a second mouth, which is located on my forehead. I also have a vag located on top of my head. xD
    I wasn't the one to complain in first place - you started it.
    (What happened to my comment btw? Looks like it was shortened even tho I made it, so I had exactly 0 chars left o_O)
    The funny thing is...You act as if it's the end of the world. Harden the f*ck up, mate!
    Whats wrong with you? Down-Rating me and trying to insult me? I gave reasons why I removed you from my "friends" and you react like some third-grader.
    Whats the point of having 700+ friends on a forum in first place? Skim over your last posts and you will also realize that at least 50% of these posts were unhelpful. I have these posts too, but in turn I dont expect others to be my ...
    Stop sending further friend requests, I removed you from my friends list because you just add people randomly and your posts are usually filled with random animations but are otherwise meaningless.
    Great, mate~
    I'm just excited as a mother****** for Pandora to arrive. I've been spending thousands of dollars on other electronics and sh*t this year in anticipation (I've had to calm my impatience down and tide myself over somehow) for the ultimate handheld console...Pandora.
    Other than all that geeky stuff, I've been alright, I guess.
    What about you?
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