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    Gp32 Flu For Sale

    Selling my GP32 Flu EDIT: Just relisted due to eBay mix up! USB cable and 32MB SMC included Auction runs for 7 days - starting price just 99p! Ebay listing Thanks for looking :)
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    Gp2X F100 For Sale

    Selling my GP2X that I bought from new. Low starting bid. For more details see the eBay listing: eBay GP2X Listing Shipping to the EU. Thanks! (and there will be a GP32 for sale shortly this space!)
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    Lost My Payback Game Help Please

    Contact the place you bought it from?
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    Lerp Development Thread

    concept looks cool. I like the particle morphing effect. IMHO the effect could be a bit shorter tho, with the momentum continuing in the morph phase - to keep the game smoother (i don't mean the fps of the capture!) and faster paced - i imagine it will soon get annoying, that 1sec transition...
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    Gp2x Wich Version Is The Best

    :huh: Bring on the trumpets!
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    Video Production - Any Experts Around Here?

    Umm one person could do it at home but unless you know what you're doing it'll look crap ;) Depends what you mean by 'realistic' !
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    Massive World Map
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    Standardized Emulator Menu

    "must have"? Who's going to be the police? Maybe we need a penalty system to punish offenders. Sorry, we don't want your free full speed psx emulator that you spent hours of your own free time on, it doesn't conform to our command line system! Shame on you! Your hard drive will now be erased...
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    Hdds Vs Sd Cards

    google: " your search terms here"
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    F100 And F200

    The games are not really any different to get working, so if you have problems with your f100 it won't be much different. It really shouldn't take too long to find out the basics on getting stuff to run, though some apps are a little more complicated! Read the readmes that are included in the...
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    Hold Button The Wiz

    Probably just an extra software controlled button that has to be implemented in each app that wants to use it, knowing GPH! ;)
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    Joysticks Thread, Don't Shout At Me!

    Use a usb hub for more ports. Not sure how wireless gamepads work but i'm guessing you would need a usb dongle that has an open source driver to be ported.
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    When Will We Be Recieving The Pandora's?

    What are accessoires? :P
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    Craig, What's The Production Volume Of The First Batch?

    Yep, sat on a shelf, not working, collecting dust ;)
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    How Qiuck Will The 3000 Sell Out?

    I knew I'd be proved wrong! :rolleyes: Edit: Please PM me next weeks lottery numbers