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    A Petition For Uk Residents.

    Yeah, they started with people being allowed to make humorous petitions, but due to the sheer number of them they've stopped allowing them through. Encouraging an expanding industry before it becomes completely bought out by the Americans is surely a money-making thing in the long run. And the...
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    A Petition For Uk Residents.

    Hello fellow UK citizens. I apologise thoroughly for taking up your time, but I have taken the liberty of drafting a petition asking the UK government to support the British games industry by funding gaming companies much in the same way as film companies are currently funded. I personally...
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    Gp2psx V0.33

    HUH? I go missing for a few months and THIS happens? I should probably get me one of them GP2x thingies...
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    Word Disassociation

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    Which Goity Should Go Emo

    how incredibly bizarre.
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    Post Your Handheld Collections!!

    I have the exact same design of NGPC. Awesome little things, aint they.
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    Which Goity Should Go Emo

    *points at Goity and recites* Stab my heart with a silver spoon And watch my crimson blood flow like a river which drowns me in my own fate. Leave me in your throne of bones I will die amongst my only friends; for all I have is the putrid remains of your mutilated love and spirit. Gushing...
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    Word Disassociation

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    Is Mario Kart Ds Is Best Mario Kart Ever?

    Where's the 'none of the Above'?
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    1 Inch X 1 Inch 1gb Mp3 Player!

    Mustn't... spend... student... loan on gadgets....
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    Gpx2 Pic

    Looks pretty fly (for a... uh... Black Console?)
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    Dead Smc?

    Can't connect up to the GPmanager, keep getting error messages. But I can try the software...
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    Dead Smc?

    My GP claims my SMC is empty, and my card reader claims it's not formatted. When I try to connect my GP to my PC, I get error messages. When I try to start up my computer with the SMC in the card reader, It gets stuck on the Windows XP logo. Dead SMC?
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    So Um... Those Giant Tv Projection Lens Things...

    Has anyone actually tried any of these giant TV lens thingies. I mean, I can see how they'd work, because they're just a camera obscura, but just how well do they work. Recon if I get one and a blackout curtain, I'd be able to play really big Halo 2?
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    What Is Sega

    Matrix frikkin' online -_ I feel impulsed to kill. And not in the trenchcoat-and-twin-uzis kinda way.