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    Was lest ihr gerade?

    Bin gerade mitten in Heliosphere 2265 von Andreas Suchanek ^^
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    A case of polls!

    Thanks Wally! :)
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    Back from Greece.

    Nice! Thanks for the Update! Keep up the good Work,you are doing an awesome job there! :)
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    Important color changes

    Thanks for the News and merry Xmas ed
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    Im also fine with 2GB
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    We've started to order things!

    Thanks for the great News ED! :)
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    Pandora OS emulieren? (win7)

    Hi Ihr, Wollte mal fragen ob es eine Möglichkeit gibt ,ein Image vom Pandora OS unter Windows 7 laufen zu lassen. Würde gerne ein bissel (gefahrlos) reinschnuppern bevor ich meine p&|a bekomm :-)
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    For Sale: GP32 £30, & SWC £160 (photos inside)

    I have no idea! It just auto appeared on the listing and whenever I edit it I can't see a way to turn it off.
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    For Sale: GP32 £30, & SWC £160 (photos inside)

    This is the link to my Pandora which I have also listed on ebay as I figured that me being a new poster to the boards may put some people off... I have been able to list it cheaper on here though due to not having to pay the ebay fees.
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    For Sale: GP32 £30, & SWC £160 (photos inside)

    Hi everyone, Quick update: My Pandora has now sold :-) Still for sale: White GP32, case, leads and a memory card. £30 ONO. Super Wild Card (16MB version), a SNES, and hundreds of games to play on the SWC. For this I am looking for around £160. Thanks for reading! Marc
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    The One Nub Club

    So my one nubber arrived on tuesday and to be honest I couldn't tell which nub was supposed to be faulty. I did notice occasional slow down in one direction on the left nub and occasionally the right nub didn't recognise when I pressed at a specific angle, but nothing which I would call a...
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    [SOLVED] Pandora Won't Boot Minimenu

    Thanks mali for guide to reflashing link. I have reflashed the firmware and reinstalled hotfix 2 and so far so good. I really thought I had buggered it up!
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    [SOLVED] Pandora Won't Boot Minimenu

    I've had it switched on for 15 minutes now and still nothing other than the black screen with white cross-hair. Any idea how long this will take? I guess I can just leave it on over night. First thing I did after loading up XFCE the first time was install Hotfix 2. I have no idea how to...
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    [SOLVED] Pandora Won't Boot Minimenu

    My Pandora arrived on Tuesday, and I've had a lot of fun with it, but also a couple of problems. I first tried to use Minimenu as the default GUI. I started filling out the info, but it stopped working half way through, so I reset the Pandora and chose to run XFCE instead (I had to make a new...
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    The One Nub Club

    Hey guys. Long time lurker first time poster here. I preordered back in 2008, and have recently found out I am between 1450 and 1550 in the queue. I read in another thread that 3 of every 4 pandora's are for craig, so I take it that means my actual queue position is really around 2000. I think...