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    Release LibrePCB

    Hi guys, This is the first stable release (0.1.0) of LibrePCB, a nice software to create printed circuit boards. Official website: Files used for the pnd: Downloadable pnd:
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    Unofficial Pyra/Pandora Telegram Group

    I think a chat like this is a nice way for communicating, unluckily there are currently not many people there yet :/ Thanks for creating though, I guess there will be more people in the near/far future :)
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    korean charset? (especially in firefox needed)

    thanks a lot for your help, but unfortunately nothing of your suggestions worked. :/ (i even tried to install japanese support under the addon you mentioned, but that also didn't help) i guess, that i maybe need to install one of these angstrom packages, that were listed under the last of my...
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    Release PSP-Maps

    well the max-cache-size setting resets everytime i restart the app. best would be a "never-delete-cache"-entry, else i'm always afraid of loosing old data... you maybe know if/where i can download data (gmaps) for a whole country? atm i'm using modRana with openstreetmap, because you can at...
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    Release Firefox 20 in repo

    thanks for the infos, well then the solution of dgame is perfect!
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    korean charset? (especially in firefox needed)

    hello everybody, does someone know how to install the korean charset? i only see squares in firefox, when i'm visiting the website do i need a ttf font? i've found this website with fonts: and if i had to choose one, i'd go with...
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    Release Firefox 20 in repo

    so now we have just activated a vulnerable plugin? imo not the best fix... shouldnt we try to replace the so-file? wget tar -xf install_flash_player_11_linux.i386.tar.gz sudo cp...