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    Mame Wish List

    hmmmmm <_< if u could update to mame 0.81 it would be great :P :lol: but hey, very nice work on the emulator, and by way, have a nice trip around the world if u have the possibilty, try to visit portugal, my home country, very beautiful B) cheers
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    Man, i dont know what the f*** happpened!!! i was uploading some south park episodes to the smc and later on, i get this error message on the gpdev program i was using to transfer the files "timed out" ok, nothing unusual but since then, i cant seem to do anything with my gp :blink: I turned...
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    Pro Evolution 3 (pc Edition)

    I give all the credit to bringouthegimp, why shouldn´t we help?? And all this debate about piracy and stuff....i bet everyone owns illegal software, starting with windows. Come on!! ;) As for the patch, same thing happened to me, its an error that occurs because of the ripped version, I...
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    Has Anyoone Had To Pay Custom Charges?

    I live in Portugal I ordered the flu, the flu bag and a smc card from lik-sang. I had to pay a lot of custom charges :angry: , like a +- a third of the initial price. Just for a comparison, my charges were almost sufficient to buy a new flu. I was pissed off but i had payed already so what...
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    Pdroms Gp32 Archive Fully Back!

    Gonna check it out right now :)
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    Euro Fw

    can u gimme a link? thanks :D
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    Euro Fw

    Did anyone flashed the bios with the euro firmware (the beta test on the gamepark site) and tried gpcinema? i flashed my gp with it and gpcinema is rebooting from time to time. By the way, can anyone tell me a good firmware to intall please?? Which one do you use? (by the way, one that allows...
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    Getting Vdub To Recognise Xvid Codecs

    i really don´t know, try installing vdub again. It should recognise te xvid codec.
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    Getting Vdub To Recognise Xvid Codecs

    For me too, i dont know what can be wrong. I dont think the windows version has something to do with it ( you said u had the home edition). Anyway, i have the xp professional version and the codecs just work fine for me.
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    Getting Vdub To Recognise Xvid Codecs

    Its just like i told, i just downloaded the codec and installed it, vdub automatically recognized the xvid codec. Do you have the lastest version of vdub? Or try to install it again. Oh , and after installing the codec, i didn´t needed to rebbot the pc.
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    Getting Vdub To Recognise Xvid Codecs

    After installing the xvid codec form entware to the directory c:\rpograms\xvid, u need to run the file in that directory to install the xvid codec. Worked for me :D
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    Hi I was reading the readme file on aquasih lastest mfw version and he was saying that pc-link will probably not work on this mfw. Can you tell if the older versions had this problem too or its just this one? Thanks
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    Gpcinema Encoded File Swap.....

    Its a good idea, but how do you wanna make it work? It would be great if we had the help of some kind of forum or something. That way, people could post the files they had, and then share it or trade it, whatever. As for me, i had a bunch of movies that i can encode but what i was really...
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    Putting Movies Onto Gp32..

    Anyway, if the files are too big to fit , u can always use an avi splitter and cut the video file in two, three or even more chunks. ;)
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    What´s This???

    No, the encoding isn´t the problem, just because the matrix trailer doesn´t work and that is a sample from entware joygp. I try doing the zip files thing, everything is ok, i could open all the files. I just can´t figure it out. I can´t see any movies, just small samples, otherwise it will...