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    Cost. Ouch

    I've always wondered what it has cost, on average, to make a single Pandora.  I don't mean design, parts, assembly, etc. but what number you get if you take all the donations, investors, sales, etc. and divide it by the number of Pandoras that were produced by it. I'm pretty sure it'd be quite...
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    It's the Final Countdown - ED's Queue Cleared - OP GmbH have 0 outstanding pre orders!

    Precisely my opinion.  No company in the world has ever shipped every product it makes, in perfect condition, on time, exactly as expected to a customer who will see it as a faultless service.  Never.  Not one.  And trying to get that is an impossible task that just can't happen.  But every...
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    I think Craig has a plan

    To be honest, it's statements like that that kept me away from the project in the first place.  If the only alternative is bankruptcy, then you're on such a knife-edge anyway that I don't think your business management can be trusted at all.  "It's that or go bankrupt" isn't, to me, a business...
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    A further update on preorders (18th of November 2012)

    I see now why PayPal have clauses against taking pre-orders. If they'd allowed the initial PayPal payments to go through all those years ago, they'd have ended up having to refund lots of people's money, years after the event, through no fault of their own.
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    Right, let's start recovering this?

    So, again, you need new people to make new orders, or you need existing orders to pay more to "upgrade", in order to furnish original orders that have already paid. If you don't get new orders or new upgrades, people don't get their orders, ever. How does this differ from a pyramid scheme...
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    1GHz units, Classic units, repairs and TV-Out Cables (2012-08-24)

    Welcome to the reverse-Ponzi scheme, otherwise known as OP. Never seen a business like it in my life.
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    Faster delivery upgrade-Information (2012-03-06)

    /me wonders what it cost if someone had paid all these optional "upgrades", donations, extra accessories, etc. and whether it would be possible that they *still* wouldn't have a Pandora today after doing all that. 100€ to pay for yours (and someone elses) old pre-order to actually be fulfilled...
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    One week to go... and so much work to do (2012-02-10)

    Think we've already been here about a million times - osCommerce allows export of all data to CSV. You might have to google it but it's there, and not difficult at all. Plug that into Libreoffice calc, a little bit of trimming (manual or automated) and you'd have the data you wanted. It's...
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    2 Months..... umm, weeks to go (2012-02-06)

    What would that be, rounded to the nearest integer? :rolleyes:
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    2 Months..... umm, weeks to go (2012-02-06)

    I refer you to forums posts dated 2008/9 where everyone posits the same question and receives answer along the lines of "No, we don't have adequate access to our own customer/finance database to do that". I don't think the situation has or will change that much.
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    2 Months..... umm, weeks to go (2012-02-06)

    The volcano was a single one-off incident in 2010. I don't think it "miraculous" that the week or so delay it caused (only in air shipping) didn't really put a huge dint in the economy of businesses country-wide. And almost all of the *real* problems were somehow down to mismanagement, cutting...
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    Writing a Game in C

    QuakeC was one of my early forays into C-like languages when I was younger. I remember coding my own mod to fix something-or-other in Co-op but can't remember exactly what it was - my brother and I played multiplayer mods and it was something to do with the way you picked up weapons, I think...
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    ODBII software I've never used it but there are a few OBD-II tools out there that will work on Linux. used to publish their source code too, but they used Allegro libraries and a horrible serial library and I could never be bothered to...
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    Script-based on-demand wifi a possibility?

    Back in the days of modems and PPP, it was easy to have a Linux machine only dial out when necessary (i.e. when a packet for an external network was sent or a socket opened, rather than anything that would be handled by "localhost"). Dial-on-demand was standard fare in internet connection...
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    E-Cat LENR Device

    *COUGH* *COUGH* (Strangely there's been no update to many of the news or front pages that were raving about this test beforehand!) If you have created cold fusion (i.e. one of the most sought-after advances in...