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    Action button labels: poll

    (First post in 2 years) I don't care about the pandora compatibility mapping, it is horrendous to begin with, it is the positions that people use. Heck, pnd-manager says to use "B" like where every single other console out there would use "A". If we can't have ABXY in a sensical way, I am cool...
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    Stalker no longer working....?

    I'll try to fix it this weekend. Thank sebt3 for letting me know.
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    Pandora Rebirth Competition (2012-01-09)

    Yay for extension. This means I'll have more weekends to potentially make something I have found something worthy to port. The right nub on my pandora is still screwed. I need to send it to ED or find a solderer... My hands are too shaky :(
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    $1 Pandora.

    A keyring is not as cool as a real metal case, like brushed aluminum like on macbook pros. Like for the real pandora that is.
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    $1 Pandora.

    Make an option to pay without getting a badge :P Or give an option for a full metal case(And only the case.). Then I'll be happy.
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    Just to let you know we're not dead (2011-08-16)

    If you need any history of the last year, I can give you a dump of pretty much an entire year of everything that has happened, as recorded by my automated stalker :)
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    Pc games to be ported

    The wiki is your friend
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    No onions for you.

    No onions for you.
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    WiFi, tests and CircuitCo (2011-06-17)

    Dude, we don't care what model you have that your program automatically advertises itself with. Yeah! Show that Fake irresponsible Tony Stark who's boss!
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    Are you happy? You've almost got 5K profile views.

    Are you happy? You've almost got 5K profile views.
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    The nD

    I think you are failing to realize this is part of his alternate reality game to market the game he's making, titled, "Bob's Game". [EDIT: which he has yet to release] I've been watching him for 4 years, he's done several stunts like this.
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    PandoraPress: Featured Game of The Week

    This is a great idea! I like to do videos as opposed to writing, but I can do both. Send me a suggestion as I'm also an author on the community blog :)
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    New cables, more boards (2011-04-15)

    So does this mean that some people bought like 10 TV cords and that's all? I understand that 1 pandora != 1 queue position, as you reserve some for RMAs...
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    Aw, he has two friends.

    Aw, he has two friends.
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    Gnuboy screen problems?

    So I found ED's gnuboy pnd, tried it out, it seems nice, can't work well when there are for some random reason 40 editions of Pokemon blue in one single 7z, but that's okay. However, It seems I cannot get scaling to work. I select the game, the zenity prompt comes up asking for what...