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    Virtualbox Gp32 Development Environment

    Hi there,   The idea popped in my mind and im gonna work fast on it before extending too much.   What do you think about creating a sandbox development environment for the Gp32 using some virtualization tools? My experience on development has been a bit sad as i arrived quite late at the scene...
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    GP32 Devkitarm R41 "working" On Gp32

    Mmm... My gp32 is burning these days, i hve return to some msx emulator and im really enjoying, and i would like to achieve some result devving but time is short for me...   Slaanesh, any gp32 news? Im awaiting to test your vatari emulator and seems it was "volatilized" from the net!   BTW...
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    Still Using Your Gp32 In 2012

    Hi,    I also own two BLU blanquitas, which i still llike to wake around from time to time, although i couldnt spare time to code them :( ...   I would love to light them up with your Atari emulator slaanesh :D...   @B^)>
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    Still Using Your Gp32 In 2012

    Hi slaanesh, If you plan something on taking the GP32 back from the graveyard ... I would do my best to sync with you and others developers interested... BTW i updated my post on the developers coner... I still :lovegps: :P
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    GP32 Devkitarm R41 "working" On Gp32

    Hi, Huh? Did I managed to awake some interest? Ill try to follow the thread more frequently... My main success for the Gp32 some years ago was the Beat2X gp2x port, which was a REAL C++ (classes/constructors,... the use of STL was dangerous), including the recompilation of the SDL4GP and...
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    GP32 Devkitarm R41 "working" On Gp32

    Hi, A few days ago i "dusted off" my GP32 and it amazes that is still working like a charm, Slaanesh work on Mame4all and his GP32 ports is fantastic... I decided to test my development skills rebuilding the development environment on a P4 linux box, although its been harder than expected, i...
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    is dusting off his GP32 :P

    is dusting off his GP32 :P
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    is dusting off his GP32 :P

    is dusting off his GP32 :P
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    Gp32 Ext<->Serial Cable For Gdb Debugging.

    Hi there, Its been a while since i touched my gp, but i used to debug my code with the usb cable... I cannot test it right now but i think the steps are almost the same in different order... 1) turn on gp32 with usb cable connected 2) Start gdbserv, should open the gp32 usb port 3) run...
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    Fast Way To Play Sound Effects

    Hi, I would recommend you to use WAV instead of mods for fasts soundfx and maybe use SDL_RWops ...
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    GP32 Various Help With Eabi In Gp32

    Hi there, Yep, a lot of things changed when dkpro passed to the eabi thing... 1) For all i know eabi is that you will have to recompile everything from scratch (including chui sdk libs or either use DJWillis EABI_GPSDK), sadly as each programmer did things in different ways, it is hard to...
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    Beat2x For The Gp32

    Hi again! I have uploaded a new version. Look for at And remember to take a close look at readme before trying. Regards @B^)> EXTA NOTE: After testing some packs i realized that ogg with bitrate > 96kbps directly...
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    Beat2x Beta 1 Released

    Thanks for the clappings!! Most soon than you would expect there will be a new beta vastly improved... Await for news @B^)>
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    Beat2x For The Gp32

    Hi everybody!! If anybody still loves his GP32, I have a St.Valentines gift for her :P Finally I manged to compile a preview version which works decently. You can download it from (Look for the link "") Song packs...
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    GP32 Need Registers And Ports Reference For Assembler Programming.

    I am searching for a list with all hardware registers (ports) for programming my GP32 in ARM assembler. Video, sound, USB, keys and controls, ... registers. Thanks, SoLo2 mmm??? There are lots of info around, and the amateurs SDK...