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    Rumor: Sega branded XBox for Japan

    Oh well, better luck next time I guess. LOL Chris
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    Rumor: Sega branded XBox for Japan

    I guess the SEGA item was a Game Gear Micro WTF!? Not MS related, but the big announcement Famitsu was teasing I suppose, but once again, WTF?! LOL Yeah, if memory serves, it was rumored for many years and pretty strongly, that MS had plans, but they never got off the ground I suppose. It was...
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    Rumor: Sega branded XBox for Japan

    A portable SEGA/ & MS Series X Handheld to compete against Switch, Mmmmmmmmmmm? Now that's something I would actually buy, as currently I'm still playing my 3DS, Vita, PS3 & 360, so not much need for me to be looking forward, but I'm a handheld whore, so this would work for me. LOL Chris
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    Rumor: Sega branded XBox for Japan

    Well, each past "Xbox" along with MS plan for world domination have gone belly up each time in Japan, so joining with SEGA seems a good idea to me. Anything that could bring Japanese gamers and developers in to the fold seems a good idea for everyone. I don't know how well something like this...
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    Centipede 1/6 Replica Kickstarter

    Yeah, I tested mine after the update, and it seemed better, but my test was probably beyond basic at best, so my results may have been similar to yours. While these are small, they are for from portable, and they'll only ever be used for the novelty, so battery life was never a big concern for...
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    Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Please stay safe, y'all

    Yeah, I work construction(or at least used to), and I agree 110% those mask make all the difference. Sadly, right now even if they wanted to have everyone wear them, they don't have enough for medical staff, and that's top priority at the moment. As once the medical field goes down, then this...