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    Virtual Jaguar For Caanoo

    Cool that it works. Just wondering is it worth setting up yet? Does anything run at a playable speed??
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    Very cool,. I will have a look around and see if I can get a handle on this implementation,. should be interesting to build some noise makers using this. It would be great if we can develop a GUI to make patches on the caanoo,. I never got much into pd,. but I am finding I enjoy using the...
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    Milkytracker 0.90.85 For The Caanoo

    Nicely done! Great tracker, and fun on the caanoo,. Yeah,. I would fix the saving so we can just exit and save the configuration/settings too,. Then maybe add a keyboard overlay, (on one of the shoulder buttons perhaps). For when no usb keyboard is around. Still, very useful now,. with a...
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    Angry Birds

    does that work??
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    A Homebrew Project Codenamed Aaaa

    Are you going to release the level editor for people to make new levels for this??
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    Caanoo / WIZ Is Anyone Using Penjin On The Caanoo?

    Just searching for a bit of a leg up engine wise for some simple C++ dev,. this looks interesting,. . Anyone get this working on the Caanoo?
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    A Homebrew Project Codenamed Aaaa

    What, why was Sergey banned?
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    Menuisier Of The Dead

    You game looks cool,. keep at it. :) For the translation just do a robot translation [ ] post the results here,. we can clean it up to fix any problems the scripts generate.
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    A Homebrew Project Codenamed Aaaa

    looks interesting,. . playable please. :)
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    Grafx2 2.3

    This is working great for me now. Thanks for this. I can now use it to edit levels for my games,. just low res. images really, but it works great for this.
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    Worth It To Invest In A Caanoo?

    I am happy with my Caanoo,. Some stuff I have been playing on it; MAME runs well, I am mostly interested in the older classics and most play perfectly. Also, I have basicly ALL Genesis games, sweet. NeoGeo! PCengine is surprisingly good fun,. I never had that system, so playing through all...
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    Caanoo, Wiz, Info ? (Wiz Is $99 At Thinkgeek !)

    That is a great idea! The first MAME cab. I converted I used an old USB gamepad and wired to the actual contacts, and it is still working well. [ ] I have since been useing the these types of interfaced...
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    Thanks so much for this. Opens up a load of new software. Cave Story alone is worththe effort :) Has anyone had any luck geting Milkytracker working;,0,0,0,6,2711 Just would be quite nice to compose tunes on the train,. it does run and seems...
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    Super Pikix

    I was looking for info. on the EXT port pinouts and happend on this site; It looks like some interesting video performace software is comeing soon to the Caanoo! also a GBA version is availible now for emu (demo and a full ver for sale) PS2 version also,. . some...
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    Sdl & C++ Not Really Where's The Basic At?

    I tryed BennuGD and could not figure how to compile and get it to work on the cannoo,. then tried Love, and built a little game that works (CCZap). Lua is very nice, (very good dynamic arrays) and since the engine is pre-built and you just write scripts :. no compiling needed. Yeah, some less...