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    Gmenu2x 0.10 Test 1

    Been a while since I've used my GP2X, so I decided to update it to the 4.0.0 firmware. (It's an F-100, not a Mk2) It's still a very nice app, however I'm noticing that on the GP2X (on 4.0.0 at least), when the application is set to automatically start up, it's extremely bright, like the gamma...
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    Gravityforce2x Released

    Oh my god! I saw this game a long time ago, played it a lot...never saw it again, now I remember what it's called XD
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    Cps2x Problem

    Maybe somebody can have a look at the emulator code... , I cant compile it so I cant fix the problem. Cheers! Interesting. I've never had that problem, and I've beaten Mars Matrix on the GP2X, to completion. (God I love that game.) I've never had any issue with input, not with clockwise or...
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    Cps2emu Test Version 5

    Hm, I'm having the same issue with Progear. It worked on all releases up until this. It's the US ROM (necessary to run the other Progear ROMsets). Loads up, "Game Start", then crashes to the menu.
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    Can't Smbmount On Windows - 'errnoaccess (access Denied.)'

    Everytime I used smbmount I added in a username and password in the command itself. It gave me one error, but that error was ignorable, since I was still able to view the shared folder and read content. If you need a reference of commands, use this webpage.
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    How Much Is A Gp2x With A Dead Pixel Worth?

    If it's just one dead pixel, I'd buy it the same price as used items usually go for (Retail / 2) My GP2X doesn't have a dead pixel, but rather a piece of dust that stuck to the protector and covers up one pixel, so I'm used to dealing with a dead pixel.
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    I Got Gpsp (gba) Running With Sound!

    I looked at the PSP version of gpSP a few times. It has a game_config.txt file with it, and I noticed that it has a lot of extra little things, like eliminating things like idle loops to help speed up games. I think it would be a good idea to implement, at least in this stage.
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    Who Here Finds The Gp2x Joystick Easier To Use In Fighting Games Than

    Actually, with some practice I've found that I can easily pull off the dragon punch maneuver, pretty quickly too. Just takes some practice.
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    Even Though Psp Is The Devil...

    OK, from a serious technical standpoint, no. The GP2X doesn't have hardware 3D processing. Trying to do what the PSP can in software on the GP2X = Very Slow. Beyond Slow. The GP2X cannot emulate everything. The GBA has a 16.7MHz processor, the GP2X a whopping 200MHz. That's at least 10 times...
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    Psx4gp2x Public Beta 4 Released.

    Boredom made me try Klonoa. Ran kinda slow, I'm estimating 10FPS (didn't have the FPS counter on, sorry) HOWEVER, I found something neat. Turned Vsync down so it displayed no frames. Music played...fullspeed on it. It sounded beautifully. So, zodttd, wanna make a PSF player? :D; *runs*...
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    Ive Lost My Joystick Head :(

    Yeah, I suggest a nice, protective case for it as well. I used an old GBA case, works well for me. I can't suggest anything for a temporary replacement of the joystick cap, since I haven't tried any of them. If you have $5 or so and two weeks of patience you can order the Mk2 cap off of...
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    Picodrive 0.95 Released

    I noticed this while playing Sonic 2. Anytime there was a mid palette change, if it was on frameskip 0 and on 60 FPS, it was fine. If it's FSAuto or not running 60 frames a second, it flickers a lot for me with teh 8bit accurate. In all honesty, I'm not getting a performance improvement with...
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    Game & Watch Mario Bros For Gp2x

    You're having the same problem I am, I can't view the page either. Use an anonymous proxy (tons of free ones) to get a hold of it. Here's a direct link, hopefully it works.
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    Ipk And Qtopia

    OK, this one I may be able to answer. You can, yes, but it's a bit tricky. You don't necessarily install the package itself on the GP2X, but rather you have to extract the package on the PC first, then put it on the GP2X. Depending on the program and if you're lucky you can just toss everything...
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    GP2X Typing Emulation

    Y'know, I always have been thinking of this, at least for quite a while. Have any of you played the game "Beyond Good and Evil"? If you haven't, it has a unique system for typing out things like little passcodes. Essentially, you have a 'staircase' of the alphabet, A through Z, and the numbers...